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How to Transform Yourself into a Sexy Pin-Up Girl


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There’s a reason the pin-up girl styles have continued to fascinate us 70 years later.  The look is all about doe eyes mixed with dangerous curves. It is the art of the tease and “innocent” seduction. Don’t all men want what they think they can’t have?

These vintage styles are guaranteed to get attention, but they do require a little mastery to pull off the perfect pin-up girl look.1950s makeup

Pin-Up Hair

Pin-up girl hairstyles are all about curls.  Get your curlers, teasing brush, lots of hairspray and bobby pins and let’s start discovering!

  • Victory Rolls – This iconic style involves using a large barrel hot curling iron to create two huge curls on top of the head.
  • Pin curls –Tiny sections of damp hair are wrapped around your finger then pinned in place at the scalp. Once dry, pull out the pins, lightly brush, and voila! You have tons of beautiful little curls.
  • Bumper Bangs – Think of Bettie Page and you know exactly what I mean. Simply pull a section of hair at the crown of your head, roll it under towards your scalp, then pin it into place.
  • Rosie the Riveter – We can do it! Tease up a section of hair in the front and leave a “bump” of height when pinning it back. Pin the rest of your hair in the back and tie on your favorite bandanna.
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Shooting Star Photography

Pin-Up Makeup

Luckily, a lot of the makeup looks have come back in style (did they ever go out?).  We’ll cover the essentials here.

  • Foundation – Use full coverage foundation and concealer to create the illusion of perfect skin.
  • Eyes – Cat-eyes with light neutral eyeshadow, false lashes, and mascara will make your eyes pop.
  • Blush –A light pink or peachy color on the apples of your cheeks will give you the perfect color.
  • Lips – Pick out your favorite red or darker pink and create your perfect pin-up pout. Clean lines are essential.
  • Eyebrows – Perfectly shaped arches are a must for this look, so get your tweezers and your brow liner ready.


Nails at that time were relatively simple.  A sigh of relief!  A soft pink or red was popular, and they often left the white half-moon near the cuticle without any polish.


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Shooting Star Photography

Dressing like one of these sirens from the pin-up era is simple.  You can purchase costumes through specialty shops or as Halloween costumes.  Likewise, there are stores that sell authentic vintage clothing from the era or make clothes in those Pin-Up styles.

Whatever you choose, you need to accentuate your curves. 

  • A corset or girdle can help create the tiny waist, or you can rely on a wide belt cinched tight at your waist to create the illusion.
  • Don’t forget your bullet bra to get the popular cone shape of that era.
  • Skirts should be either A-lines or more body-hugging down to the top of your calves. Blouses should reveal a little skin – but not too much!

Try a tiny sailor costume, complete with a little hat on top of your curls.  Or go for the sexy librarian with a tight skirt and sweater, bumper bangs, and of course some glasses that spend more time in your mouth than on your face.

Finishing Touches

Before you head out, you might want to add the finishing touches of that era.  Create a little beauty mark on your face, exude confidence, and pretend you have no idea what impact you are having on all the men around you.

Photography by Jim Abrams, Shooting Star Photography

Photography Assist, Carol MacGreggor, Happy Gatherings

Hair Stylist, Andreina Ortega, Nina O. Artistry


Makeup Artistry, Nancy Gorman, Makeup by Nancy

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