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7 Reasons a Trial of Your Wedding Makeup Style is Vital


7 Reasons a Trial of Your Wedding Makeup Style is Vital

We have all mastered our day to day look – it takes 10 minutes or less to put our face on in the morning.  I’m not naming names, but some ladies can even put it on in the car while driving.

Wedding makeup styles are different though.  Can you imagine trying to do that on the go?  If you’re even considering leaving your makeup look until the last minute, here are seven reasons why you absolutely shouldn’t take that risk.

7 Reasons a Wedding Makeup Trial is a Must:


  1. Buyer’s Remorse.Wedding makeup consult Yes, the makeup style you fell in love with looked amazing on the starlet attending an awards’ ceremony.  But what if you put it on and it just isn’t having the same effect you imagined?  Don’t let this surprise you in the middle of one of the busiest and most stressful days of your life.  Try it out first.


  1. Wedding Mascara. You’re going to cry.  A lot.  If you don’t try your mascara out beforehand, how do you know it won’t end up leaving little black trails down your cheeks?


  1. Lasting Impressions. People you haven’t seen for years and may not see again for a long time have made the trip to be there for your big day. You want them talking about this day for years to come, but in a good way, not whispering and giggling behind your back.
  1. Wedding Photos. Your wedding makeup style will be memorialized forever.


  1. Makeup Meltdown. Wedding celebrations last a long time, and you need your makeup to stay fresh all day. You’re going to get hugged and kissed by everyone, and probably more than once.  Your guests shouldn’t end up with more of your makeup on than you. In addition, Some makeup will transfer to other surfaces, whether it is your glass, your husband, or other people you come in contact with.  In general, that will lead to it not lasting long enough.

Makeup trial

  1. No Time for Touchups. You are the center of attention, so there is no sneaking off and reapplying in the bathroom.



  1. Your Fiancé. Show them why all those months of wedding planning were worth it.

It may seem like just one more thing to add to your list, but it’s important, and you can even make a day of it.  Plan your wedding makeup trial along with trials for your wedding hair, spray tan and nails, and call it a spa day. Wedding Makeup Trial

Let’s face it.  You’ve spent a lot of time planning for this day.  You’ve probably already thought about the wedding makeup style you will wear, and whether or not you trust yourself to do it or if you will be asking for help with the application.

Now it’s just time to put those thoughts into action with a wedding makeup trial. 

Make sure it is the right look for you on your special day, and don’t leave something so important to your general peace of mind and well-being to the last minute.

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