Foundation 101 – A guide

Foundation can be a tricky topic for a lot of people, especially if they’re new or inexperienced with makeup. It can seem overwhelming to have so many formulas, shades, and brands to choose from. But fear not, today I have compiled the *perfect* guide to finding, matching, and securing your FAVORITE foundation.

So, let’s start with the most important element: The Formula.

Even if you perfectly match your shade and use the perfect brand, if the formula is off, you probably won’t love how it looks. For people with oily skin, I recommend a dryer, more matte foundation like a powder. For people with dryer skin, I recommend a liquid foundation, but not one that is too dry or too oily. Dry skin = liquid, Oily skin = powder or matte. For combination skin, a mixture of both actually works wonders; use a Cream to Powder foundation for optimum results.

Also important to consider: what kind of coverage do you want? Sheer foundation looks great for “no makeup” makeup looks, medium-coverage looks amazing for everyday makeup, and I only recommend full coverage foundation for glam makeup, if you want full coverage, and special events – but the choice is yours!

The second most important element: The Shade.

If you wear foundation pretty often (or know people who do), you’ve probably noticed your (or their) faces can tend to be a little lighter than their neck or the rest of their body. That’s because a lot of foundations nowadays are medium-to-full coverage, and they have SPF in them, which protects the skin from the sun. If this is the case with you, I recommend going 1 shade darker (but no more than this!) than your face tone to match your neck. However, if you have an evenly matched face and neck tone, I recommend trying your best to find your perfect-match foundation.

The third most important element: The Brand.

If you’re new to makeup, you probably don’t have a list of your favorite brands yet. Which is totally fine! I highly recommend playing around with a few brands to see what works for you. Great grocery store brands include Maybelline and Revlon, and great high-end brands include Nars, Bare Minerals, and Too Faced.

The fourth and final most important element: The Wear-ability.

Any formula, shade, and brand is going to mix with your skin’s chemistry differently. A foundation that looks incredible on your friend may look not-so-amazing on you at the end of the day, and vice versa. It’s important to find the brand, shade, and formula that works for you personally, or to learn techniques to apply your foundation in a way that works for you. (And a bonus: skin prep is ALWAYS important!)

I personally recommend either brushes, a Beauty Blender, and even just your hands. If you have oilier skin, I recommend touching up in the middle of your day to renew foundation and give you a fresh look.

As you can see, foundation doesn’t have to feel like an intimidating topic! And if you are looking for a makeup class, please consider signing up for a makeup lesson with me and I can assist with finding your FLAWLESS foundation shade!

Have any other questions about foundation that weren’t answered here? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to respond!

Thanks for reading!


~ Nancy

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