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A few of my favorite things: The makeup tools you need today

If you’re like me, you have a special stash of your favorite tools.  Mine happens to be makeup tools.  When I pull these out, I’m empowered, inspired, and destined to create something fabulous.

These tools never let me down and help me do my best work.

Today I’m here to share my five favorite makeup tools with you.  I hope they not only help you look your best but make it easier for you to get out the door each day.

MAC Cosmetics 224 Blending BrushMAC Cosmetics 224 Blending Brush

High-quality brushes will never let you down.  My favorite makeup tool, no matter the occasion or the client, is the MAC Cosmetics 224 Blending Brush.  It’s a synthetic brush, but don’t let that fool you.  This little workhorse is the perfect shape for curving gently around the eye area.

The long handle fits perfectly in my hand and lets me move the brush with less stress on the delicate skin around the eye.  The one I’m using currently has been with me for years.  When it goes, I’ll be ordering up a new one.  Or two.

Dante Brush Cleanerdante_brush_cleaner

Cleaning brushes is something that a lot of people don’t do nearly enough.  However, when I’m whizzing around from client-to-client doing makeup, it’s absolutely essential that I can clean my brushes thoroughly.

Enter Dante’s little bottle of wonder.  This makeup tool makes it fast and easy to thoroughly strip makeup from my brushes while disinfecting them at the same time.

Colorless and odorless, it doesn’t interact with cosmetics and helps my brushes look like new.

Riki lighted mirrorThe Riki lighted mirror from Glamcor

Riki mirrors are my absolute favorite makeup tool, especially when I’m working on location.   These slim mirrors are lightweight and easy to move around, perfect when you’re on the go or applying makeup in different places – the gym, home, or elsewhere.

Each of the different mirror styles is ringed with high-quality LEDs – you can customize and change the light tone and brightness to replicate both daylight and indoor lighting.  You’ll never wonder if your makeup looks great outdoors again.

Consider this quality mirror an investment – it will be with you for years to come.

LipSense lip color by SenegencePink Lip Colors

Lip color is crucial to finishing up a makeup look.  For me, LipSense colors are second to none and are my go-to makeup tool for clients.  There are so many reasons why I love them, but it boils down to two.

First, LipSense protects and enriches delicate lip skin from the ravages of the sun and environment.  While we think a lot about sun protection for our skin, we need to give the same love to our lips too!

Secondly, it looks fantastic for hours.  Especially when I’m working with clients for photo shoots or weddings, we really need a lip color that won’t fade or rub off every time someone speaks or takes a drink.

LipSense colors stay true for 4 – 18 hours (and yes, it is possible!), making lip touch-ups almost unheard of.

makeup lessonA personalized makeup lesson

I might be a little biassed on this one, but one of the best tools you can have in your makeup toolbox is a one-on-one makeup lesson.

There’s a lot of makeup advice out there, from women’s magazines to tutorials on YouTube.

However, nothing, and I mean nothing, can be more beneficial for your skin, your makeup routine, or your night out than a makeup lesson with a pro.

Your expert can help you find the right techniques to bring out your best features, coupled with the countless products available on the market today.  If it’s been a while since you’ve sat with a makeup artist, make your appointment today!


There you have it – my favorite beauty tools.  Try them today!

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