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The Importance of Cleaning Makeup Brushes | Makeup by Nancy

The Importance of Cleaning Makeup Brushes | Makeup by Nancy

The Importance of Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Everything that comes in contact with your skin (especially facial contact) should be cleaned often to avoid adverse reactions. Every Makeup Artist worth their salt knows and applies this rule. Keep reading to find out why you should, too!

What Grew in My Brushes?!

This is not a typo, it´s an accurate expression, because brushes that are not thoroughly cleaned can be the perfect environment for the growth of harmful bacteria. Most makeup products contain components meant for hydrating your skin. They provide the perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive. The fact that your brush is constantly collecting dead skin cells from your is a match made in heaven for bacteria development. The perfect solution is, without a shadow of a doubt, to go brushless. Consider using an airbrush makeup for perfect results and no skin contact. If you can´t afford a makeup artist on a daily basis, just be consistent in cleaning your brushes.

Rough Brush vs. The Skin

A completely true statement that reflects exactly what happens when you don´t clean properly your brushes. Most brushes are made of silky microfiber bristles that are specially designed for skin care. When makeup compounds on the brush and we use it, put it away and re-use it without cleaning, they can become stiff and irritate our skin. Use a brush cleaning shampoo on them at least once a week with warm water for a perfect result. Nothing spreads makeup better than a soft, brand new brush; you can get that feeling weekly. Alternatively, you can always go for airbrush makeup.

Benefits of Cleaning your Makeup Brushes

We´ve seen the down side ill hygiene habits by reviewing what happens when you don´t clean sufficiently; let´s see what happens when you do:

  • Your brushes last longer: If you are consistent in the cleaning, your brushes can last up to a year or more.
  • Apply color better: The softer, clean bristles leave a steady trace behind them; they are never as precise as airbrush make up, but you can get an almost makeup artist quality when they are new.
  • Prevent Acne: When the brushes are clean, and they haven´t collected any of those dead skin cells and oil, they won´t clog your pores. In the small chance that they do, they can lead you to America´s number one reason for adult acne: the clogging of pores.

Pro Tip: Ask your favorite makeup artist to use airbrush makeup for big events. Also, clean your brushes at home regularly. This shall ensure a gorgeous look with a healthy face.

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