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A Guide to Workplace Makeup

Makeup matters a lot when it comes to looking presentable. Deciding on workplace makeup can be tricky, and it is easy to get wrong. Applying bad makeup can draw unnecessary attention from peers and co-workers, making you feel overwhelmed. Not applying any makeup, however, is equally damaging for your workplace image. Here is a list of things you can consider while wearing makeup for work.

Strong Concealer

Office makeup is not any different from regular makeup. Before you start applying your makeup, prep your skin by cleaning it with a mild soap. Foundation is not always necessary, and a good moisturizer or BB cream should do the trick. If you are tired and stressed from work and do not want your face to give away the signs, you can opt for a strong concealer to hide any imperfections, making your face appear bright and fresh.

workplace makeupSubtle Eye Makeup

Smoky eyes or dark eye shadows can be risky for workplaces, and there is the risk of getting it smudged. Besides, eye makeup is hard to maintain and requires frequent touch-ups.

Groomed Eyebrows

Painted Eyebrows may appear superficial informal surroundings. Business or workplace makeup differs greatly from regular makeup, and you need to apply makeup sparingly when preparing for work. Instead of using eyebrow pencils, get your eyebrows groomed and scaled for a neat look.


You do not want to end up looking like a Pumpkin, so go easy on the bronzer. However, a little sculpting does not harm. In fact, the makeup artists in North Shore recommend sculpting for an effortless look. Sculpting will help you produce a natural look while highlighting your facial features. For a chic finish, blend subtle rouge into the bronzer. Some popular blush options include Dandelion, Dior, Coralista, Clinique, etc.

Matte Lipstick

Bold lipstick colors are not always easy to carry in workplace conditions. For safer results, use nude matte lipsticks or light tinted lip balms. Pastel shades like nude-pink, beige, or brown can help you enhance your look. While nudes are preferred for workplace makeup, red lipsticks are impressive when used in moderation. If you are not a huge fan of red lipsticks, you can also opt for a nude matte lip color to complement your sculpted look.

Workplace Makeup Disasters to Avoidwork place makeup

Workplace makeup should be simple and realistic. Wearing makeup for work is tricky, as you do not want to come across as brazen or unattractive. You can stick to a natural look to avoid unwanted attention from people. When moderately used, workplace makeup can help you conduct yourself better. Either way, go easy on your makeup and avoid overdoing it.

Decisions like overusing the mascara, applying complexion changing products or glittery lips can ruin your look subsequently. Choices like lash extensions and faux liners can be equally distracting, making your looks unprofessional within a formal setting. Professional makeup will help you breeze through your day, creating the right impression on your coworkers. Look around and find ways to make the best use of your makeup to boost your performance.

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