Achieving Hydrated Skin: The Magic of Water

The early years

We grow up being told to drink eight glasses of water per day. Parents, teachers, health professionals – they all scolded us when we fell short of that goal. As youngins, we never quite understood the importance. When it comes time to plan your wedding, however, all of that pushing suddenly makes sense. There are many reasons why we want hydrated skin. As a result, you’ll find that the quality of your skin is a pretty big one.

PreventionWater splashing into glass

Imagine waking up on your wedding day only to find your face dry, a little flakey, and maybe even cracking. Sure, the wonders of makeup can cover up anything, but is it worth going through that added trouble and potential cost when the alternative was as simple as drinking enough water?

Just the Facts Ma’am/Sir

Making up about 16% of your overall body weight, skin is the largest and most exposed organ of the human body. When we don’t care for ourselves, it’s the first thing others will notice. A diet lacking in water is going to show first as tight and unhealthy looking skin. As prolonged dehydration sets in, you’re more prone to dry patches that present with flaking that’s bound to affect how you feel about the way you look. Who wants to deal with that on their wedding day?

Dryer skin is less resilient, wrinkles more, itches, bleeding, cracks, and leaves you with other unsightly side effects. We don’t typically correlate water and beauty, but there is an undeniable link that will make H20 your best friend. Especially, as you’re prepping for your wedding. You’ve spent all this time achieving perfection for the big day, so why let dehydration get in the way when it’s a simple matter of drinking more water?

hydrated skinBut but but…

Still not convinced as to the importance of water? Let’s keep our focus on your wedding day, that exciting morning you wake up and can’t wait to slip into your dress and have your makeup applied. When you look in the mirror, though, you find your skin spotted with blemishes, and you’re noticeable breaking out. Sure, any makeup artist worth their salt can cover those spots. But you know they’re there, and the extra work and added applications aren’t quite what you had in mind for your final look.

If you had kicked back a few more glasses of water per day, your skin would have been less susceptible to these unsightly marks. Water is your first defense against acne and cuts down on the appearance of red spots. It flushes the toxins from your body, leaving you with healthy. In addition, it open pores that let out natural oils and smooth, youthful skin.

It’s not just your skin that benefits, either. When you stay hydrated, you have healthier and stronger nails. In addition, your hair is less likely to become brittle and fall out.

Water is a head-to-toe natural remedy, an anti-ager, and the first step in achieving the perfect wedding day makeup. The moment you become engaged, start that 8-glass a day regiment and strive for hydrated and healthy skin.

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