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Makeup Tips to learn how to do better makeup on yourself

It’s ideal to have a professional do your makeup for special events but let’s face it, the majority of the time we are out on our own. But don’t fret; I’ve listed my most valuable makeup tips that will help you apply your makeup like a pro!

Prep Time Makeup Tips

Part of the makeup process simply relies on prep. For a more professional look, take your time and follow these simple makeup tips steps:

washing your face

Begin with a Clean and Clear Face:

Wash your face thoroughly and use a toner before applying makeup… you need to start with a fresh pallet!

Use Sun Protection:

It’s extremely important to use a sunscreen base to prevent daily skin damage. You can use a moisturizer or foundation with SPF, or a lightweight sunscreen under your makeup. Makeup Tips


Don’t Skip the Primer: Makeup Tipsmac primer

A good primer can serve many purposes, from pore-minimizing to color-fixing, and hydrating. Most importantly, primer preps your skin so the makeup will look bolder and last longer.  If you’ve ever wondered why your makeup is very sheer or fades after a few hours, a lack of primer could be the culprit! This simple trick does wonders. Try out this primer by MAC     (Macy’s, $26)

Makeup brushes

Invest in Quality Brushes

You wouldn’t believe how impactful it is to have the right tools when applying makeup! This easily upgrades your makeup application for a flawless look.





Choose the Correct Colors

Makeup can be applied correctly but still look too harsh if you don’t start with the right color for your skin. Experiment with serval shades when purchasing makeup to ensure you’ve picked the right one.



Contouring is a makeup trend that is worth learning. It is slimming and creates a bold, polished look. Beginners TIP: Make sure to blend well! Use a contour pallet with a light range of colors, to maintain a natural look. Also, customize contouring to your face shape. Contouring is about defining your best features and camouflaging what you want to hide; not about changing your look.


This may seem conspicuous, but practice makes perfect. Don’t give up! It takes several attempts before anyone can create a perfect cat-eye. Always allow plenty of time before your event to achieve the best look. Not only will you avoid being stressed, but you’ll also have time for a “redo” if you need to change something up… thank goodness for makeup remover pens! 🤷 

Finishing Touch

Top off your look with a setting spray which will keep your makeup in place and prevent fading. Using a finishing spray is especially important when preparing for a long event! Makeup Tips

Makeup Lessons

Anyone can learn makeup application. Inquire here if you’re looking for a professional to help you pick out a primer, choose the perfect colors for your skin tone, or teach application skills like contouring. Lessons cover many areas but most importantly, help you gain the confidence to try new things with your makeup!

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