What to Look for in a Wedding Makeup Artist

Planning a wedding is a complicated process that eats hours of your days leading up to the big event. Every detail, from the food down to the napkins, requires ample research. That goes for the person responsible for achieving one of the most important looks of your life. Choose the wrong makeup artist, and you may be looking back at photos of the big day with ample regret.

How do you find the perfect makeup artist without wasting time and money booking trial runs? While you want to look at previous work, you’ll also want to keep an eye out for some telltale signs of a good artist. Take the following list and see how many of them your desired artist checks off. The more they hit, the better off you’ll be on the big day.

omni mt washington weddingAre They Skilled in Different Makeup Styles?

Makeup is something that looks different in person and in photos. Does your makeup artist know how to tailor your look so that it isn’t beautiful one way and shocking the other? The makeup artist you choose should be well-versed in different styles, especially if you’re going for a period-specific look.

An artist that can only pull off one style is a great pick if that’s all you want. Versatility, on the other hand, gives you options to toy with should you change your mind and want to see different styles.

Jiving Personalities

It may be nowhere near your primary concern, but you should get along well with the makeup artist you choose. Clashing personalities can cause an uncomfortable aura that sits and festers over your big day. Your makeup artist should be someone that you connect with on both a professional and personal level. The more comfortable you are with your artist, the more likely you will be to ask for changes if you’re unhappy with something.

If the artist approaches the job with a negative attitude and only adds to the stress of preparing for a wedding, it’s best to go with someone else.

Do They Listen or Talk Over You?Makeup Artist

While you should welcome suggestions and advice from your makeup artist, it shouldn’t be a matter of struggling to have your ideas heard. They may be the professional, but you’re the one that has to wear the makeup. Your opinion matters most, and your makeup artist should respect what you’re saying and not try to correct you by speaking over you.

They can disagree, especially if they think there is a better look for your wedding day, but they should do so only in a respectful manner. No makeup artist should force a certain style if you’ve been vocal about going in other directions.

They Require a Contract

It may sound odd to want a contract, but don’t you want someone that has some business savvy? A contract isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Of course, it depends on what’s written within, but a good one is also in place to protect your rights. A working relationship without a contract is a recipe for a potential disaster.

makeoverDo They Offer a Trial?

You have the look you want in your head, maybe even have an example printed out. Is that enough to make you feel comfortable about seeing it for the first and only time on your wedding day? It shouldn’t, no matter how good the artist is.

A trial isn’t just about testing their skills, especially if they have an extensive portfolio. It can help you determine if the look you’ve chosen is actually right for you. What you may find is that not every style of makeup works on every face.

Will They Travel to You?

On your big day, the last thing you want is to travel to a salon and walk around in your wedding day look. Convenience is key when choosing a makeup artist, and you’ll want one that goes to you. Even for the trial, it’s best to see how the artist works outside of their space.

You are the star of your wedding day. If you’re forced to drive around town to get your makeup done, you may start to feel less so.

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