Preserve your youthful skin – Develop an anti-aging skin care routine today!

At some point, we all start to think about the effects of aging on our skin.  The sooner we start to think about anti-aging skin care, the better chance we have of keeping young, fresh-looking skin even as our age creeps up.

The difficult part of developing an anti-aging skin care routine is the endless advice available.  Just about everyone has their suggestions about which products to use, in which order, and how often.  Not only that, but anti-aging products can often come with high price tags, making it a bit daunting to experiment with products.

To help you navigate this aging gracefully minefield, here are my tips for developing your own anti-aging skincare routine.

Cleanse anti aging skincare

No matter what your age, cleaning your face gently is key to healthy skin.  As we age, the way we wash our face and the cleanser we choose becomes increasingly important.  First, developing a cleansing routine.  You want to wash your face regularly, but not too often – washing too frequently can make your skin dry and flaky.

Choose a gentle cleanser that is both anti-aging and appropriate for your skin type.  These cleansers are specially designed to give your skin what it needs to look it’s best.  Exfoliation is also a key step in anti-aging skin care.  Again, look for an exfoliator that fits your skin type and includes anti-aging ingredients.  For more details on the different types of anti-aging ingredients available, check out his comprehensive list.


Toners are another important step in your anti-aging skin care routine.  After you cleanse, add a thin layer of toner, before moisturizing.  Toning can be extremely important for those with oily skin, or if you’re struggling with breakouts.  While some people skip toner, it can help remove anything left behind at the washing step and helps balance out the pH of the skin and set the stage for other products to follow.

serumChoose a serum

For most people, this is where the heavy hitting part happens.  Anti-aging serums apply a targeted concentration of ingredients that are designed to work together to prevent and repair aging to the skin.  Serums come in countless formulations and at a wide range of prices.  Many dermatologists recommend serums with Vitamin C, which helps protect your face from environmental hazards and renew and refresh your skin.


Ensuring your facial skin stays hydrated is another key feature of healthy skin as we age.  Moisturizer comes in countless types – chose an anti-aging version that feels smooth on the skin, not greasy.  You can also choose one that aligns with your skin type.  Using a moisturizer with SPF is a great way to protect your face from the sun, without adding a layer to your skin.  Tinted moisturizers are also a great foundation for lighter summer makeup or when you’re going bare-faced.


Protecting your skin from the sun is essential to keep your youthful glow.  Even if you skip all the other anti-aging steps (which you shouldn’t!), you need to protect your face from the damaging UV rays the sun is pumping out.  If you’re looking to decrease your exposure to chemicals, choose one that is oxybenzone-free.

By incorporating these steps and products into your life, you can help protect your skin from future damage and repair existing signs of aging.  While we all want to age gracefully, using these tips, your face can keep you looking and feeling young no matter what your age.

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