Wedding Makeup Tips for Moms and the Bridesmaids

Wedding Makeup Tips for Moms and the Bridesmaids

Mothers are accustomed to telling you what to do.  So how do you handle the topic of wedding makeup so that you don’t get an immediate rebuttal?

It is your wedding day, but for your mother, it is her daughter’s wedding day.  It might be almost as important to her as it is to you.  At some point, you will have to put your foot down about the bridal party makeup, whether she likes it or not.

Here are some tactful suggestions for ensuring your Salisbury wedding goes off without a hitch:

Salisbury Wedding Makeup

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Hire a professional – if you let her know that you have hired a professional makeup artist to do everyone’s wedding makeup in a similar fashion, hopefully, she’ll play along. If she’s more of a diva – that’s the subject for a different article.

Get Your Bridesmaids on Board – Show your mother the wedding makeup look you are planning to use, and have your girls back you up 100%. Even if she doesn’t love it, with all the other girls so enthusiastic she won’t want to be the one to rock the boat.

Do a Trial Run – Perhaps she doesn’t love the idea of it. Maybe you must let her see how amazing it looks on her, on you, and the rest of the party. She will fall in love with the wedding makeup style you have chosen. Be sure everyone tells her how amazing and young she looks.

Make Her Think That it was Her Idea – Perhaps show her a picture of similar makeup in a magazine. Tell her how glad you are that she had recommended something like that because you think it will be perfect. Tell her she couldn’t be more right. We all cave with a little well-placed flattery.

Get Your Dad on Board – If your parents are still alive and together, or perhaps you have a stepdad, what better way to convince her than to have the love of her life show up unexpectedly at your trial run and tell her how beautiful she looks. He can tell her she takes his breath away. Or, maybe he wants to take her out on the town once she’s done. May be he wants the world to see the beautiful woman on his arm. Whatever he would normally say when he is entranced with the way she looks, with a little extra oomph. If he goes overboard it might just sink your plans, so be careful.

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Give Her a Little Leeway – She is your mother, after all. You want her to be happy and enjoy the day. The last thing you need on the day of your wedding is your mother complaining about what a mistake you made.  You might suggest a look that is somewhere in between the two.

Show Her Respect – if she is really adamant about the wedding makeup style you should use, then try both of them and take pictures. She might see that you are right. But you might also see something you didn’t before, and decide to go with your mother’s suggestion.

You will have to choose the way that you think you can pull off.  You know your mother best.  Hopefully one of these will work with her, but if not – you have to be ready to either put your foot down or give in under the pressure.  Chances are, it is the way you normally communicate with your mom, and this Salisbury wedding is no different than any other day.

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