Makeup Tips for the Flower Girls on Your Wedding Day

Makeup Tips for the Flower Girls on Your Wedding Day

You have planned all the details, the bridal party’s makeup, the decorations, and your dress.  There are a lot of decisions to make for your big day, and anything that can be left in someone else’s hands is something you can, and should, take off your list.

I mean, you’ll still have veto power, of course, but at least it won’t be something you have to manage yourself.

Cute Concern

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While your biggest worry about your flower girls is that they are little and might refuse to walk down the aisle at the last minute or start crying hysterically in the middle of the wedding, you ought to be thinking of ways to help them feel special.

What could work better than involving them in the pre-wedding activities, which includes your bridal party makeup?  Little girls love playing with makeup, and being a part of that moment with all the other women will make them feel like they are one of the “girls.”

Makeup Tips for Your Flower Girls

You may be including them with the rest of the girls for their bridal party makeup. But you certainly don’t want to paint little girls’ faces the way you would for the rest of the party.

Less is More

Little children have incredible skin and don’t require much to make them shine. A little blush, lip gloss, and maybe some mascara, if they want it, is all they really need.


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Don’t Push It

Some girls have never worn makeup before and are not comfortable with wands coming close to their eyes. If they want it and seem comfortable, let them wear it. But if they don’t – let it be.  Better than a mascara mess all over their faces.

Start with the Bridal Party Makeup

The girls will see what is going to be done to them later, and that will make them feel less nervous.

Be Quick About it

While your flower girls might be excited to be part of this ritual, the youngest ones only have so much attention span before they get bored. Perhaps while they are waiting for their turn, you could have one of the older girls play games with them to keep them occupied.

Don’t Push it #2

You may have a flower girl who absolutely doesn’t want to wear any makeup. Yes, she will look a little different than the other girls and you really wish she would. But, if you force the subject, you may end up with a tantrum on your hands.

Adolescent Makeup Tips

If you have some teenage girls as flower girls, they will probably take a little more time. They will need more makeup than the little ones, but not quite as much as the adults. They will likely need more concealer for acne. If possible, have one person devoted to doing their makeup while someone else is working with the younger ones.  The big girls feel special being part of this process too.

Last, but not least

This is one of those things that you should leave to someone else. Whoever it is, professional or friend, give them the ground rules and let them run with it. If you’re clear on keeping the younger girls in little makeup, and you have a friend you trust to do the job – one more thing off your plate!

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Generally, when you think of makeup tips, you’re thinking about application.  That is absolutely important, but when it comes to bridal party makeup for your flower girls, the most important thing to plan for is their age, attention span, and emotions.

“Show me kissy face!”

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