10 tips for fabulous summer makeup: Keeping cool as the temp rises

As the temps continue to creep up, it’s time to embrace a summer makeup routine.  Whenever the weather changes, it’s a great time to toss old products and try formulations that will keep you looking your best in the changing climate.

When the weather is warmer, both your skin and your products react differently.  But summer skin doesn’t have to be elusive – follow these 10 tips for your best summer face yet. Here are some summer makeup tips!

clean summer makeup

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Less is more for summer makeup

The key to a fresh and natural summer face is to wear lighter makeup.  Switch cream foundations and layers of concealer for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream.  These lighter formulas are less likely to cake or look unnatural in the long summer days.


It’s important to shed dead skin cells year-round, but exfoliation is your best friend in summer.  It helps the skin renew itself and keeps your complexion bright and natural – even when the heat and humidity might trigger breakouts and excess oil.

Use light moisturizer

Like your makeup itself, choose a lighter weight moisturizer in the summer.  Tinted moisturizers and those with sunscreen give you the most value for your face and keep you from needing to add as many layers to the skin.

Sunscreen – a summer makeup must

Sunscreen is essential in the summer.  Don’t skip it and reapply it regularly.  Sun damage is not only the biggest cause of skin cancer but also aging in the skin.  Find a formula you love and never leave the house without it.

Avoid shimmer

Summer makeup calls for less shine.  With higher temperatures your face will already be glowing so adding more shine can overdo the effect.Cream Blush  Think light and breezy shades with a pop of color to add the drama you’re after.

Skip the powder blush 

While powder is a go-to blush for winter, it can look cakey in the summer heat.  Instead of powder, go for cream cheek like the Senegence Shadowsense for your summer makeup.  They add a healthy flush without degrading over the day.

Manage summer makeup shine

Summer shine is inevitable.  To help keep you looking your best, without messing up your face, spring for blotting sheets.  They absorb excess oil, leaving you with an ideal dewy complexion.  They’re easy to keep with you, so you’re ready on the go.

Embrace lip colors

Keeping with the theme – lighter is better – swap out cream lipsticks for fresh long wear lip color this summer.  You’ll get a long-lasting pop of color that will perfectly coordinate with your summer complexion.

Waterproof eyes

One of the areas of the face that tends to accumulate oil is the eyelids and around the eyes.  Plus, you never know when a summer shower will interrupt your day.  Switch to waterproof mascara for the summer.

Keep it clean

If you’re going to follow only one summer makeup tip, make it be this one: Wash your face!  Make sure at the end of the day you rid your skin of makeup, dirt, grime, and pollution with a complexion compatible cleanser.  Your skin will thank you!


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