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Tips to Get That Perfect Matte Finish Look

Matte makeup is back in style, which is excellent news for all of us with oilier skin.  Dewy and shiny makeup is fun, but on the hottest days, they only draw more attention to an oily complexion.  A matte finish can save the day.

Unlike products from the past, the newer matte makeup options offer an extensive variety of finishes and can be worn by anyone without looking too caked-on.

Like any other makeup style, there are some tricks to perfecting the matte finish look

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Cleanse: Regardless of your skin type, you always want to start with a fresh, clean face.

Moisturize: Women with drier skin know this is essential, no matter the makeup style they are trying to achieve. It may come as a surprise, though, to those of you that are trying to fight oiliness and shine. Oil-free options are great for any skin type.

Prime: Primer is a crucial step for this makeup style.  Oilier skin will need a mattifying primer, especially along the T zone, or wherever you get oiliest during the day.  Drier skin can benefit from a primer that decreases pore visibility to achieve that perfect satin finish.

Foundation: Experts recommend applying matte foundation with a brush in a circular motion, then lightly blending with a wet sponge around the edges of your face and creases so that it blends perfectly.

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Powder: If you have drier skin you can probably skip this step, but all others will want to use a translucent powder to help the foundation last longer and to reduce shine.

Eyes: To fully achieve the matte finish look, stick with matte eyeshadows in neutral tones, only highlighting a little under the brow or under the eye with a lighter shadow or concealer.

Cheeks: Choose a matte blush on the lighter, more natural side of the color spectrum.  If your skin is drier, you might consider a matte cream blush to avoid drying out your skin.

Lips: Makeup artists recommend keeping your lipstick matte as well, but sticking to more natural pinks or plums. This is a full coverage makeup style, but you don’t want it to look mask-like.

Jill Markley Photography

Jill Markley Photography

Set It: This is a look that is supposed to go all day, but all makeup styles need a little help.  Use a setting spray so you can set it and forget it.  It will help your look last longer.

Maintenance: Even with the long-lasting matte foundation, powder and setting spray, the oiliest of skins will start getting shiny at some point in the day.  Keep a translucent blotting powder in your purse for a quick touchup. If it’s dryness you’re worried about, put a face mist in your bag.  Not only will it be refreshing after a long day, but it will also help revive your makeup as the day progresses.

So, there you’ve got it!  Easy to achieve, super long-lasting, and minimal maintenance to have that beautiful, smooth as porcelain, matte finish makeup style for any skin type.

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