back to school makeup

Back To School Makeup

While talking about back to school makeup, there come some differences for the various grades. Elementary school continuing until the 6th grade is basically the stage for natural skincare. Makeup basically comes up as you step into the middle school. Confused? Here are some tips that you may consider:

Middle School Makeup Ideasback to school

While in middle school, your makeup ideas are often torn between “too much” or “too little”. These are some tips that can help you out:

6th grade -11 years of age

You may apply a moisturizer or primer that can give a dewy look. Avoid heavy base makeup. Go for understated lips and cheek tints like light pink or peach. It’s better to keep your lashes natural with just the use of a lash curler. A light touch up in the brows with a pencil or powder can finish the look.

7th grade-12 years of age

At this age, you might get spots, blemishes, under-eye bags or break-outs that can be hidden by a concealer. Use of eye-shadow can be avoided and even if you use, go for light shadows like violet or beige. Thin eye-lining along your waterline or top lash line can give you the serious look needed at this grade. You can give a coat of mascara on your top lashes for the finishing touch.

teen makeup8th grade-13 years of age

As now you are officially a teenager, you can go for a heavy mascara, thick eyeliner, and bright colored shadows. You can also opt for dark and bright tints for your lips, cheeks, and eyes.

High School Makeup Ideas

With a more grown-up mind, a little maturity in makeup in needed. Look attractive by following these tips:

9th grade-14 years of age

Experiment a little with smoky eyes contrasted with soft lips and cheeks. Give a fresh face look with a lightweight BB cream and a concealer on your eyelids.

10th grade-15 years of age

An extremely vital age, your skin is in the transition zone. A moisturizing foundation with some soft pink blush and lips can look fabulous. You can go for lip gloss as well.

11th and 12th grades- 16 and 17 years of agegrade school makeup

Now that you are entering into the grown-up stage, a proper base makeup with nicely lined eyes and a heavy shadow can make you look amazing. Always go for contrast, that is, heavy eye makeup with soft lips and cheeks and vice-versa.

You just need to look beautiful in school without overdoing it. Try the tips and be the talk of your class!





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