Boston Bridal Makeup Artist – Cosmetics that can cause “flashback”

Boston Bridal Makeup Artist – Cosmetics that can cause “flashback”



I was asked to write a blog on this topic of makeup that causes flashback by several colleagues. I hope this helps all of you with the information that you were looking for. I also hope for all the photographers sake, that you pay attention to the “do’s” and “don’ts” pertaining to makeup to use for flash photography!

When doing some research I came across this article by Lily Instant Eye Lift where they state this true fact …

“Illuminating foundations or concealers (including under eye illuminators) can contain light reflecting particles, which increase the risk for flashback in pictures. Using 2 shades lighter under eye concealers, highlighters, large amounts of shimmer to brighten up certain areas may look great in daylight, but can reflect too much when using flash. Other ingredients that can cause flashbacks in when used in high concentrations are silica and silver mica, often found in mineral foundations and powders. An example of a product with 100% silica powder notorious for flashbacks, is Make Up For Ever HD Powder. This micronized white powder doesn’t turn clear, as opposed to when applied to dry skin. Translucent (micronized white) powders containing silica can look gorgeous when used sparingly, applied with the correct technique and not on dry skin. White reflects light.

What to look out for:

All moisturizers, primers, concealers and foundations containing SPF (sunscreen) can potentially cause flashback. High SPF is increasing the risk for flashback. SPF will not cause flashback with digital photography, and not all SPF containing products will cause a white cast. The main ingredients causing this effect are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Both are opaque, white, finely powdered and dispersed minerals often used in cosmetics with SPF. They work as physical sunscreens by reflecting sun rays: white reflects light. The safest way to avoid flashback therefore is not to use SPF. Limit SPF to maximum 15 or use products containing chemical sunscreen ingredients.”

Recently, I learned while that there is a solution to powder mineral makeup! Karrie Welch from Fortunate Face Minerals has a mineral product that is flashback safe.

From Karrie… “I deal with it in mineral makeup, as I own a mineral makeup line that I personally developed to be usable in film and photography”

When I asked her about the Bare Minerals rumor she responded with “yes, and there are ingredients to just flat out avoid for photography and that brand contains one of the biggest culprits”.

Here is another article that elaborates on the SPF factor by A Practical Wedding

There appear to be quite a few articles out there on this topic to validate this fact. So, I’d like to repeat something I’ve tried to convey to people. Everyday makeup is not wedding makeup. Therefore, hire a wedding makeup artist to be sure your makeup looks perfect for photographer!

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