Salisbury MA Wedding Makeup Artist – Mothers Makeup

Salisbury MA Wedding Makeup Artist – Mothers Makeup

Makeup by Nancy, a Salisbury MA wedding makeup artist is proud to have recently submitted a blog to Seacoast Weddings on Mothers Makeup!

I was so happy to know that one of my recent mothers plopped into my Tuscany pro makeup chair at a recent wedding with a smile on her face telling me she read my blog and felt much better about getting her makeup done! That my friends is how it’s done!


With the help of my friends Jennifer of LeFevre Photography and Izzy of Teased Salon and Spa,

I was able to recreate as well as create some makeup looks for past and future mothers of the brides and grooms.

The wedding day has finally arrived! While you knew it would be here eventually, you can’t help but feel both happy and sad.

The sadness is because your baby is all grown up and the happiness is in knowing they have found their one true love.

All that wedding planning is a whirlwind and everything is much different than when you planned your own. For example, now everyone gets ready together – makeup artists and hair stylist are brought in to ensure everyone looks their best.

Now, your nerves kick in – what if you never wear makeup? What if it looks terrible? What if no one recognizes you or worse, thinks you may end up looking like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show? You can be as natural or as glam as you want to be!

Rest assured moms; you can have beautiful makeup and still look you.

Speak with your makeup artist about your concerns. If possible have a photo of a look you like and would be comfortable in. The professionals want you to feel like your very best self as you watch your baby say “I do.”

Don’t worry, mom, the mascara is waterproof!

Here are my good sport mom’s before and afters! Thanks to these 5 gorgeous women!






A very happy mothers day to all you mom’s out there!

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