Celebrity Makeup Looks

Celebrity Makeup Looks You Can Pull Off at Your Wedding

Have you ever wondered if you could actually pull off the bold celebrity makeup looks that strut on the red carpet? I’m here to tell you that New England brides can take on trending Hollywood looks! The key is: finding fashion-forward techniques that are simultaneously timeless… because your wedding photos will last forever! Here I featured the Top 5 looks that can easily transfer from The Oscars to The Cape.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively Photo: Cosmopolitan Magazine

Sparkle eyeshadow

Sparkle eyeshadow takes me back to the good old days when JT & Britney Spears were still together… 💔😭 Similar to other trends from the nineties, sparkle makeup is making a come-back! According to Cosmopolitan, this bit of flair brightens and enhances your eyes.  And really, any look that Blake Lively takes on is worth trying! Just keep it light. Talk about feeling like a Disney princess on your wedding day!

audrey hepburn

Audrey Hepburn Photo: Hello Magazine

The eyeliner flick

The eyeliner flick can be classy if executed the right way… just call it a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” look! This dramatic cat eye will give the appearance of a larger, wider eye. It’s subtly seductive, gorgeous and glamorous. You can always count on Audrey Hepburn for timeless makeup inspiration!

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johannsen Photo: InStyle

No need to shy away from bright red lip color when you have such killer luscious lips! 💋 Assuming your other makeup is neutral, a bold lipstick can be a beautiful option. Accomplish a soft bridal look while keeping it red hot! Just make sure a bridesmaid has your lipstick available to you for touch-ups! 😉

  • Now calling all seacoast wedding brides… this next option is for you!

Nearly every celebrity has sported Ombre Eyeshadow at some point, and it can be a perfect fit for your wedding day! Avoiding crazy colors like blue and orange, a soft pink-and-purple blend like this one creates an alluring look while still keeping a light, classic feel. This makeup technique would be perfect when a beachy-look is desired.

Buttery skin


Not a fan of heavy matte foundation? Buttery skin is a trend you will fall in love with! Some are calling this, “the only trend that matters right now”. Shiny, glowing, radiant skin. According to, buttery skin focuses on healthy, hydrated skin, and you can achieve this look with the right makeup prep.

In addition, makeup trends are constantly changing and the industry is always establishing new techniques. However, these new styles are more than fads; in fact, many are considered “instant classics” because they’re so flattering!

Stay in touch with the latest and greatest of the beauty realm. Master those Celebrity Makeup Looks!

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