Does your makeup age you? Makeup mistakes to avoid

That last thing you ever want is for your makeup to age you.  Instead, it should make you look and feel fresh, beautiful, and vibrant!

However, as we age, our skin changes.  Some of these changes mean that the products we’ve used for years might not work for us anymore.  Sometimes, it means we have to switch up our go-to shades to reflect new trends.

But experimenting with makeup is the fun part!  To help you keep your look on-trend, check out these tips so your makeup never ages you!

Wrong foundationNewburyport-natural-soft-glam-Wedding-makeup-artist-mother-of-the-bride-groom.004

The basis of your makeup, the foundation is a key aging culprit in your makeup bag.  Foundation makeup can age you when it no longer works with your skin’s texture.  Drier skin needs a liquid foundation to help add moisture and reduce a cakey or powdery finish.

Oily skin can get away with powder foundation, but be careful if you notice powder settling into fine lines and wrinkles – once oily skin might not need a powder finish anymore.

Trouble with blush

Blush can be a problem part of any makeup routine, but as we age, we need to think carefully about the blush we use.  Whereas bright and bold shades might have worked in years past, mature skin requires a different approach.

Instead, choose a softer shade to give you a pop of highlight across your cheeks.  Cream blushes work well with older skin and can be blended to build up the right color.  Avoid blush with sparkle or a too-bright shade.

On the other hand, don’t skip blush altogether!  Mature skin sometimes can look flat in color and blush is just the thing to liven up your look.

Newburyport-natural-soft-glam-Wedding-makeup-artist-mother-of-the-bride-groom.003Lots of lip liner

Heavy lip liner makeup will age you instantly.  Instead, go for a softer look.  Choose a more forgiving shade that blends with your natural lip color and your lipstick shade.

Also, skip overly bold or unusual lip color as you get older.  Harsh reds, purples, or dark shades can make you look out of sync with current styles and your age.

Avoid bright eye shadow

Bright eye shadow shades are remnants of the era they came from – these bright “colors of the day” are often a dead giveaway of your years.  Plus, extreme shades are the makeup playground of the young.

Rather than letting your eye makeup age you, choose or more understated tones – brown, violet, or maroon choices make all eye colors pop.  Coupled with upper and lower liner, you’ll rock these shades in your new life phase.

Ignoring your browsNewburyport-natural-soft-glam-Wedding-makeup-artist-mother-of-the-bride-groom.005

No matter what your actual age, thin, sparse brows will always age you.  Unfortunately, as we get older, our brows might not look as full as they once did – brows hairs tend to become finer and lighter in shade over time.  Rather than accepting this change, plump those brows!

Using a pencil or gel that matches your natural shade, gently fill in your brows with short strokes.  Avoid coloring too far outside your brow line to keep brows looking natural.


You’re glamorous and beautiful, no matter what your age!  Don’t let your makeup work against you – shifting your products and trying new techniques will help you keep your makeup from aging you beyond your years.

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