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Finding love in the firehouse – A Smith Barm Wedding

Finding love in the firehouse!!

Smith Barn Peabody

Shane and Nicole | October 26, 2019

Smith Barn at the Peabody Historical Society and Museum

The historic Smith Barn is situated on a picturesque hilltop surrounded by two hundred and fifty acres of orchards and conservation land. Located at the Felton-Smith Historic Site adjacent to Peabody’s Brooksby Farm, the Smith Barn is the perfect setting for your special day. Rich in beauty and significance, the site represents over three centuries of the region’s history and is home to several historic landmarks.

Freebird Photography – Providing Creative Photography Services // New England and Beyond

The style behind Freebird is just as the name sounds. It’s light, it’s airy, it’s natural and has no boundaries. One of her favorite aspects of photography is giving creative direction. Through conversation, prompts and queues, she’ll be able to capture movement and raw reactions as they naturally unfold. Pair those with good light and a killer setting? That’s where the magic happens.

Firehouse Wedding

The bride, Nicole, is the daughter of 2 local small business owners and the groom Shane is the son of a Fire Fighter and stay at home mom. Nicole’s mother Kerry is the owner of Hair Company K in Amesbury MA and is such a love! Her father owns Richards Appliance in Salisbury where we get our appliances! Therefore, we have a very talented group here!

Richards Appliance

EMT’s fall in love!

One day in 2017 I met Kerry and her daughter Nicole when I did her engagement shoot makeup. It was then I knew a friendship was going to be made. At my former downtown Amesbury MA studio that I shared with 2 friends, I had my LipSense signs on the table and we set up a Lipsense Night at her hair salon, Hair Company K.

I was also able to put 2 + 2 together and realizing that the father of the bride was none other than Richards Appliance. I was so thrilled to be working with the daughter of 2 small business owners!

Very soon after this engagement shoot, Nicole booked me to do her New England October wedding. I was so thrilled to be able to do this wedding and meet her family and friends. Nicole has a twin also that is as much of a dear as she is.

With the tight timing and number of people who needed to get done, Kerry brought in another makeup artist to do 2 people. Thank you to Tori Mackinnon.

wedding makeup artist

Bridal Party


Wedding bells and fire alarms

Shane was thrilled to be finally in his dream job after so many years of hard work.  He was in a great company, even working with his dad.  Things likely couldn’t get much better.

And then Nicole came in the door, fresh out of training.  Friends at first, and then they became something more.

Soon, they were planning their wedding.

Fall Wedding

The bride’s mother, Hair Company K was the perfect choice for the bride and bridesmaid’s hairstyles on the big day.  Makeup by Nancy gave each of the girls a fresh look that spoke to the rich colors of fall.

As Nicole moved slowly down the aisle on the arm of her father, her Bella Bridal gown rustled in the faint October breeze.  Under a stunning harvest sky, the two firefighters who shared not only their love but their passion and dedication to public service were joined.

Against the setting at the historic Smith Barn at the Peabody Historical Society and Museum, Freebird Photography captured the bride and groom in a tender, warm light.  Surrounded by friends and family, the fall backdrop and the shimmering glow of thousands of tiny lights left guests wrapped in affection from this special couple.

Their love and commitment speak to the values that were born from the hard work of their parents and the chances they took to pursue their own dreams.

Photographer: Freebird Photography

Venue: Smith Barn at the Peabody Historical Society and Museum

Caterer: Creative Catering

Florist: Bowler & Jones

DJ: Last Call Productions

Cake: Sweet Cheeks

Hair: Hair Company K

Makeup: Makeup by Nancy

Twin Sisters

Hair Company K

Fall Flowers

EMT Wedding

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