Liven Up Your Look with These Fall Makeup Trends for 2019

As the leaves turn brown and that sweet scent of natural decay hits the air, it’s time to look at your makeup selection. Does it fit well with the autumn trends? Or are you still trying to pull off those bright, summery looks? It’s always good to have someone guide you through the latest fall makeup trends, especially those seasonal styles that last for a quarter of the year. For you, that guide is this list of the latest fall trends you should be kept upon.

Try Some Mauve


It’s not the prettiest word to say, but there is something about a mauve accent that really speaks to the season. Maybe it’s that it reminds us of the hint of red in the fallen leaves or that it’s a simple color that works against a myriad of skin tones. Whatever the reason, whenever autumn comes along, we love the warmth of mauve. Add hints of the deep red hue to your cheeks and eyes and let the bold lipstick be the standout feature of this autumnal makeup style.

A Spot of Color1950s red lips

(Inspiration: “Colored Liner”)

Fall is a colorful season. Sure, most of those colors are dark browns and oranges, but your makeup style can add a few more hues to the season. While the rest of your face is covered in bronzes, browns, and taupes, add a touch of bright neon to your lower eyelid. Choose a color that complements your eyes and looks great against the jewel tones of your foundation. Or go all out with something so completely out there – whatever suits your personality.

Red Hues

(Inspiration: “Cherry Red”)

Have you ever gone apple picking? It’s like a sea of red that pops up for fall. Some may call this look “cherry red,” but “candy apple red” fits the season so much better. A bold red lipstick and red eyeshadow are all you need to make this unspoken color of fall the star. Achieving the perfect hue of red around your eyes can be tricky, so it’s best to let a professional tackle this style. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to look like you’re prepping a Halloween costume.

clean summer makeup

Photography by Shooting Star Photography

Bring Out the Bronze

(Inspiration: “Smokey Bronze)

What do you think of when you remember the colors of autumn? Dark browns, oranges, and hints of red, right? What if you took a few of those and integrated them into a smokey eye look that puts bronze in the forefront. Pick neutral, light colors for your cheeks and lips and really smoke up those eyes. To finish this fall makeup style off, consider a dull pink or light red.

Glowing Perfection


Autumn can be a dreary season, but your makeup doesn’t have to match. Sure, everyone loves the jewel tones of fall, but a bright, glowing autumnal makeup is not out of the question. This is especially true if you’re not ready to let go of all of that tanning work from the summer. Stick to a light, glowing effect around your cheekbones and carry the hue up to your eyes. To help this look stand out, add a touch of fall to your lips with burgundy or deep red color.

There’s bound to be an occasion you’ll need the perfect fall makeup, so why not make life easy and choose a look that fits the season? Whether you’re going bold or safe, any of these styles will make you look ready for the seasonal change.

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