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Glossy vs Matte vs Cream: Combat for the Perfect Wedding Lipstick

Glossy vs Matte vs Cream: Combat for the Perfect Wedding Lipstick

This is one decision that doesn’t always get the level of attention it deserves.

Think – what is guaranteed to happen a lot on this big day?  Kissing.  So, which contender will you choose to complete your wedding makeup look?

Whether you have an elegant seacoast wedding, or something less extravagant, your everyday lipstick is not going to work here.  You don’t typically run around kissing your fiancé, friends and family when you have lipstick on.  Do you?  So how will these three compete?


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We will review the pros and cons of each here:

Which lip treatment will lay claim to your lips as that final touch that will pull all of your wedding makeup together?

 Contender #1 – Matte


  1. If you’re one of those modern brides this might just be your solution, as it screams trendy.
  2. Has been known to last for a long time
  3. It won’t smudge or budge as you get treated to lip abuse from all of your guests.
  4. It is available in a ton of colors right now because it is so trendy.


  1.  It can appear a little dull on your lips, depending on the color you select. Light purple /lilac might make you look more like the ‘living dead’ than the classy vibe you were going for.
  2. If you’ve ever tried it, you’ve probably found matte lipstick to be a little on the d r y How comfortable will that be to wear all day long?  When they say “crack a smile” you just might literally crack your lips from dehydration.

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Contender # 2 – Cream Lipstick:


  1. Cream lipstick is the mother of all lipsticks and it’s familiar
  2. There are vibrant colors that shine without appearing lackluster
  3. It will complement your wedding makeup, regardless of the makeup style you choose
  4. Compared to matte lipstick it will feel like a vacation for your lips. You won’t have to worry about cracking when you smile.


  1. It won’t look so great….on your teeth. Or anything else that comes in contact with it.  Your husband will be wearing it with you, and all of your guests will have a lip tattoo on their cheeks.
  2. Because it transfers so easily, re-application will be a constant if you want to maintain your original glorious wedding day makeup look.

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Contender #3 – Glossy Looks 


  1. The glossy look is universally flattering. It will look great at your beautiful seacoast wedding or any other location you choose (taking you back to the initial point).
  2. Gloss is shiny and captures the light, allowing your lips to sparkle for photos and guests alike
  3. There are lots of shades to choose from. The color isn’t so overpowering that you have to worry if you get a little outside the lines.  You can reapply as often as needed, without a mirror


  1. The glossier the lipstick, the faster it will transfer
  2. Darker shades of gloss also run the risk of leaving more on your teeth and guests than on your lips.

Contender #4 – Long Lasting Lip Color

Pros of LipSense Lip Color:

  1. Can last anywhere from 4 – 18 hours
  2. Can be worn either glossy or matte
  3. Has many shades to choose from
  4. Will not kiss off on anyone
  5. Will not transfer onto clothing
  6. Does not need to be re-applied

Cons of LipSense Lip Color:

  1. LipSense can get dry so after 4-5 hours it would need to be reglossed with a LipSense Gloss
  2. LipSense water line fades 1st so if you are a smoker, eat foods with fat/oil you may want to have a color on hand to waterline touch up when necessary
  3. Once LipSense is on, it’s not coming off without a special remover, so if you want to change out colors… it’s not that easy

All of these options have their pros and cons, so you have to decide what is going to work for your special day.  Will you be kissing a lot, or do you do the European kisses on both cheeks with your family and friends?  Does your spouse look amazing in the lovely shade you picked out?

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