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Rekindling that Fire? Makeup tips to use for sexy boudoir photos

Rekindling that Fire? makeup tips to use for sexy boudoir photos

It’s never a bad idea to keep that flame glowing hot. If you’ve been together a while and it just isn’t keeping you warm anymore, why not put on some boudoir makeup and negligée? This will remind them why they fell in love with you.


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Book an appointment with an Amesbury makeup artist?

If you haven’t, you might want to consider doing so before you have your photoshoot.

Whether you are taking the pictures yourself or having them done professionally, there are a lot of Amesbury makeup artists who know just how to get that sexy look you’re wanting.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking someone to give you boudoir makeup, it’s not that hard to create on your own.

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Makeup tips for creating that sexy boudoir look:

You can certainly go natural, but usually, you want to create a more glamorous, sexy look.

Decide if you are going with B&W photos or color

Maybe you want to try both.  With the technology we have today it isn’t that hard to take a color photo and make it B&W, or vice versa.

The important thing to remember, though, is that if you will be doing some B&W photos, subtle colors and styles will not show.  So, if B&W is on the table, choose a bolder look with a little more makeup than you might for color photos.

The Cat Eye

Can you even have boudoir makeup without cat-eye eyeliner?  It’s sophisticated, sexy and enhances your eyes.

Boudoir make up

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Smoky Eye

Maybe you want a look that is a little darker, and less tame than a cat-eye.  A smoky eye is another option that can look great in either color or B&W photos, and gives you a sultry look.

Red lip boudoir

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Red Lips

Unless you’re one of those who wants to be natural for your photos, going sexy with boudoir makeup almost always involves red lipstick, as well.  Red lips have been seen as very enticing to men for centuries.

Body Makeup

Your face looks gorgeous, but don’t forget about your body.  The point of these photos is to show a little skin, so make that skin look its best.

  • You can get some good coverage foundation to cover up any scars or spots you don’t want to be noticeable in your photos.
  • Want to cover up those tattoos? It’s not as easy as it sounds, it takes more than concealer. It’s possible though that your other half loves them, so no need to cover them up!
  • A little Vaseline or oil on your body can be used to make you look like your skin is glistening.
  • Shimmer powders and highlighters are excellent for putting a little glint in places you want to be sure he notices.

You’ve decided to light his or her fire, so whether you plan to book an Amesbury makeup artist for help, or to do your own boudoir makeup, use these tips and you can’t go wrong.

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