Your Wedding is Not the Time to Skimp on Your Eye Makeup

Your Wedding is Not the Time to Skimp on Your Eye Makeup

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You have endless eye makeup options, and everyone has their preferences.  But wedding eye makeup is a little more critical because you only have one chance to get it right.  Here are some important things to consider when purchasing makeup for your big day.

5 Essential Wedding Eye Makeup Tips:

Wedding Eyeshadow Primer:

Using an eyeshadow primer has several benefits.  It helps your eyeshadow last longer, can make the color of your eye makeup more vibrant, and prevents the eyeshadow from settling into the crease of your eye.

The Right Concealer:

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Aside from selecting the right shade for your skin, you want to choose a concealer that has good coverage and lasting power.  The come in liquid, creamy and more solid formulas, so do your research and find on that will keep you covered.

Vibrant Wedding Eyeshadow:

Have you ever purchased a gorgeous eyeshadow color, but when you put it on it didn’t look quite as colorful as you thought it would be?  Just as there are different formulations and application types for concealers, the same is true of eyeshadows.  There are some that look the same on your eye as it does in its container.  And some that fall flat.  So be sure to stick to those that have stronger pigmentations, as they will not only look better on, but they will also last longer.

Lasting Eyeliner:

Even the ones that say they are waterproof have some number of hours listed that you can expect the product to last.  If your wedding eyeshadow is primed and perfect and ready to stay all day, make sure your eyeliner will be able to keep up.  Read the fine print and the “guaranteed to last” statements, because they usually come with a number at the end of that sentence. As usual, bigger is better.

Waterproof Mascara:

Not all mascaras are made to be waterproof, and this is one day you don’t want to skip the waterproof part.  The most mesmerizing wedding eye makeup won’t matter if your mascara ends up smudging all over it.  So, choose waterproof, and try some out to find one that really stands up to moisture.  Waterproof is more like water resistant, or else we would never have to buy more mascara.

This is not the time for frugality.  When purchasing your wedding eye makeup, do it right, and you’ll only have to do it once.  One last suggestion – not just for your wedding eye makeup but for all of your wedding makeup – use a setting spray when you have perfected your look.  Setting sprays keep your makeup from fading and getting wiped off.

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