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If you’re a makeup-enthusiast (or artist), whether you’re celebrating small with family, or going all-out with friends, coworkers, relatives, and nearly everyone on your friends list on Facebook, you’re probably wondering what makeup to embellish yourself with this year. I know I am!

Below, I’ve curated some of my favorite ideas for ALL holiday gatherings: dinner parties, gatherings, meetups, and work parties! Whether you keep it classy and understated; or go big or go home, we’ve got you covered!

Dinner Parties:

Who will be there? I do suggest for dinner parties specifically to keep it a little understated unless you’re going to be around wild and fun people. This ranges anywhere from soft eyes with a bold lip (or vice versa), and generally natural makeup. However: you do you!

Gatherings with Friends:

I always think this is the BEST scenario to do fun makeup. Bright eyes and festive lipstick (bold enough to try fire engine red or even vivid green? I suggest doing so!), show off your loveable wild side when meeting up with friends this holiday season.

Gatherings with Family:

Another great time + place to do fun makeup. Of course, it does depend on how you choose to present yourself to the family. If your family is more light-hearted and fun, try even opting for blue + white makeup if you celebrate Hanukkah, red+green if you celebrate Christmas, and bold, exotic colors if you celebrate Kwanzaa!

Meet Ups (Reunions):

This, again, comes down to who will be showing up, and of course, your personality! I suggest keeping it natural, simple, and classy for meetups this holiday season, but it’s totally up to you. My favorite suggestions for these looks include a soft or nude lip, neutral (but visible) eyeshadow, a little contour or blush/bronzer/highlighter, and lightly filled in brows + mascara. SImple = key!

Work Parties:

I ALWAYS suggest going natural and soft here. Unless you work at an art or makeup store, I don’t suggest going too crazy with your makeup looks here. Keep it simple, natural, and maybe accent with a red lip if you feel inclined. With this type of holiday gathering, I always picture a slightly-more-relaxed professional atmosphere, so bright and fun makeup may be a little too much here. However, again: you do you! 😉

It all boils down to: What is your personality? What do you think the environment will be like? Will you feel too overdone if you show up in red lipstick and green eyeshadow, or understated if you do a subtle golden-eyed look? And, of course…the most important question…what do you feel like doing that day?

There are no rules to makeup, so express yourself and have fun! 😉

Thanks for reading! Happiest of holidays to you + your loved ones.

~ Nancy

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