Five reasons to gift your teen a professional makeup lesson

Five reasons to gift your teen a professional makeup lesson

Maybe it’s started already – your tween or teen begging for a lip gloss at the store.  Or maybe she’s been rooting through your makeup bag when she thought you weren’t around.  Perhaps one day she came down for breakfast with a fully decked out face.

Whatever it is that sends you the signal, at some point you’re going to realize, your teen needs a makeup lesson.

Adolescence can be a challenging time for parents as they realize the innocence of childhood is visually falling away.  It can also be a long-awaited rite of passion for both girls and their loved ones.

However, rather than turning a young person loose with someone else’s cosmetic bag or to the pressure found on endless online makeup tutorials, a better option might be a personalized makeup lesson.

Why a professional makeup lesson?

At first thought, professional makeup lesson for your tween might not seem necessary.  After all, you have years of experience with makeup, why turn to a professional?  I’ve got five reasons.

  • Experiment with age-appropriate shades and application.

We all painfully remember that one girl from school who wore too much poor-quality makeup, thinking she looked fabulous.  A professional makeup lesson can help your teen traverse this transition with more grace.

  • Learn techniques the pros use.
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    Included in Makeup lesson fee of $200 for a 2-hour session.

Daily I meet a wide array of women who still struggle with how to use and apply the makeup products they select. Let your teen skip the confusion (and poked eyeballs) by learning how to apply makeup right from the beginning.

  • Share a unique bonding moment.

Without a doubt, the teen years can be stressful on the child/adult relationship.  Giving a makeup lesson as a gift or in recognition of an important milestone can be a wonderful chance to bond, learn something new, and have fun together.

  • Get customized advice.

Teen skin can be tricky to manage.  With a professional makeup lesson, she’ll be better equipped to care for her skin and use the right products for her complexion.

  • Share neutral territory for tricky discussions.

A makeup lesson is a good time to broach a discussion about limits or suggestions you might have for your teen.  For example, if you feel strongly she not wear mascara, a makeup lesson offers a battle-free zone to discuss any boundaries you’d like to set.


No matter what you decide, the tween and teen years are tricky to navigate for kids and their adults.  However, by introducing makeup with a professional lesson, you can set the table for a healthy relationship with makeup for your teen. A good opportunity to secure your bond during the challenge of adolescence. 

 Contact me to purchase a gift certificate for a lesson and/or to schedule one!

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