How To Create Perfect Holiday Makeup

As festive, glittering lights are carefully hung from homes and trees, and beautiful white snow begins to make its graceful descent from the sky, one thought can’t help but to cross my mind…what makeup am I going to wear this holiday season?!Holiday wreath

If you’re anything like me, it’s so hard to choose between going all out with exciting holiday makeup for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or even simple winter celebrations, or just keeping it fairly elegant and understated by accenting with a standard red lip.

That’s when the idea hit me: what if I made a How-To on both types of makeup looks? And so, I have. Keep reading below to learn How To Create PERFECT Holiday Makeup!

Festive and Exciting:

This makeup is WONDERFUL for people with bold personalities, or who are super, super into the holidays! This can range anywhere from:

  • Red eyeshadow on the upper lid + green eyeshadow on the lower lid + a bright white inner eye highlight
  • Blue, white, and gray smokey eyes for Hanukkah (or winter celebrations!)
  • Bright, exotic colors for Kwanzaa, such as purple, peach, turquoise, as well as bright green and firehouse red!

The point of these looks? Keep it exciting, vibrant, and full of life to show off holiday cheer. If you decide to do more of an exciting and bold eye look, consider nude lip colors. Here are some of my favorite shades from Lipsense!: First Love, Praline Rose, Nude, and Bella.

Elegant and Understated:

*But still season appropriate! Basically, these makeup looks have elements of holiday or winter flair, but they’re not too out there. This includes:THE Lipsense BERRIES

  • Bold red lips
  • Subtle gold eyeshadow
  • Smokey blue/gray eyeshadow (if you celebrate Hanukkah, or simply winter itself)
  • Soft green eyeliner for Christmas or Kwanzaa


  • As a bonus, here are some of my favorite Lipsense colors for the holidays: Sheer Berry, Plum, and Mulled Wine!


The type you choose really depends on your personality, the tradition(s) you celebrate, and even just what you feel like wearing that day! Hopefully, these concepts gave you a little inspiration and ideas for your perfect holiday makeup looks this year.


Thanks for reading! Stay warm.


~ Nancy


P.S. If you order from Lipsense, be sure to use my affiliate code: 409699, or my link. Happy shopping! 😉

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