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Holiday Makeup Looks

Holidays offer a splendid opportunity to spend some quality time with family and friends, whether you are hanging out with them, eating at fancy restaurants or guzzling beer in your hotel room. The most exciting part of a holiday is that we get to dress up and wear our favorite makeup. From going all glam to keeping it minimal, holiday looks are difficult to accomplish. Starting out, you can try out the following looks to make a classy style statement this holiday season.

Holiday Makeup LooksBaby Cats Eyes

For a fresh look, extend your eyeliner a little bit. Winging it would offer a subtle flick, lifting the features of your eyes. Do not overdo it – your drawn lines should not be far out or complete. Salisbury makeup artists recommend users to complement the look with suitable mascaras. If you want a softer look, use black mascara on your lashes while applying dark brown mascara on the bottom. Baby cat eyes look best when you keep your lip neutral, so try nude shades. A red lip looks well with a winged liner, but it is a dated idea. The baby cat eyes, in contrast, offer a warm, bright look.

Shimmery Brown Shadow

Smoky charcoal eyes are too loud for casual looks. Instead of traditional charcoal shadows, you can try the shimmery brown shadows to brighten up your facial features. The look might come across as messy or smudgy, but it does not harm to keep it that way when it comes to attending parties and gatherings. You can use a brown liner on your lids and layer it up with bronze shadows. The brown shadow creates a coppery look, so it is best to stick to neutral lip colors to make it consistent. You can use warm brown shades or nude peaches to make the most of the look.

Shiny Sparkles on the EyesHoliday Makeup

If you want a chic look, glitters will not fail you. No matter what the occasion is, sparkle shadows will help you get a stunning look. Regular glitter shadows might harm your skin, producing unnecessary deposits around your cheeks or in the under eye region. Choose a liquid liner to achieve an effortless finish.

The Classic Red Lip                                           

A classic red lip can never go out of fashion, but it is not always easy to achieve perfection. The perfect red lip can be achieved by applying suitable concealers around the lips. In addition, you need to line your lips before coating them with your chosen shade of red lipstick. However, if you use LipSense you won’t need to line your lips or worry about feathering.

Double Winged Eyeliner

If elaborate eye makeup and lash extensions are not for you, try experimenting with the doubled winged liner for a dramatic appearance. To avoid your liner from being smudged, prep your lids and under eye region with powder and primer before running your pencils. Apply your liner along your top lash line to create the upper wing. As for the bottom line, extend the line far out, moving straight across instead of going up.

Holidays give you the perfect opportunity to get a beauty makeover. Take the cue from the aforementioned recommendations to jazz up your look this holiday season.

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