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How Makeup Lasts Longer on a Well-Moisturized Face

With most of us spending the greater part of our days away from home, long-lasting makeups have become a priority. There are many ways you can allow your makeup to last longer on a well-moisturized face. Moisturizers, which come with a number of skin benefits, are good options if you want your makeup to last longer. Besides, it does wonderful things to your skin, like protecting it from foreign particles and rehydrating it. There are various forms of moisturizers. Facial moisturizers are milder than traditional ones, which protect your skin from harsh conditions. This article discusses how you can use moisturizers to maximize your makeup effects.

MoisturizersWhy Should You Apply Facial Moisturizers?

Moisturizers have hydrating properties that keep your skin healthy throughout the day. Facial moisturizers have proven to plump up your skin. They reduce fine lines and wrinkles. They also work as a protective sheath, protecting the skin from external factors like heat and wind.

Sunscreen components are a major component of most moisturizers. These shield your skin from the harmful UV-rays. Moisturizers come in many important variants, and it is generally the daytime variant that includes SPF.

Preparing Your Skin With Moisturizers

To apply facial moisturizers, you need to clean your skin first. Any good skin-care routine recommends users to clean/moisturize at least twice every day. Generally, you apply a facial moisturizer after rinsing and drying the face. Read the instructions on the body of your moisturizer. This will help you understand how much lotion you need to put on your face. You need to massage gently to blend the moisturizer evenly. You can dab some of the content onto distinct features of your face. For best effects, apply the moisturizer with the first two fingers of your dominant hand and moisturize the key dry areas. These include your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and neck.

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To make the most of your makeup, it is essential to choose an appropriate moisturizer for your skincare. Your moisturizer can be oil-free, extra heavy, or anything in between. Oil-free moisturizers are light moisturizers and are compatible with oily, combined or regular skin. Dry skin types benefit the most from heavier moisturizers and a well-moisturized face.

Your Well-Moisturized Face

Users often complain that they find it difficult to apply makeup after moisturizing the face. In such cases, you can use a two-in-one option. This option not only moisturizes the skin but also provides a base that allows the makeup to stick around longer. Complement this with a suitable under eye primer to complete the look. If your moisturizer does not have sunscreen properties, remember to dab some sun protection.

Moisturizers take time to blend with the skin. The best recommendation is to wait for some time after applying the moisturizer. Give at least 5 minutes time to allow your moisturizer to soak in, and you will find your skin turning smooth and soft. Most Amesbury makeup artists suggest users to wait for 30 minutes before applying makeup. Rushing may lead to uneven applications or breakouts. When satisfied with the outcome, you may start applying your makeup, beginning with a solid primer.

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