Makeup Through the Years +5 Youthful Makeup Secrets

It’s funny to think about how many hours we spent as teenagers attempting to look older. Then suddenly in our late-twenties, we notice our first wrinkle, which inspires a life-long challenge to disguise our age. The question is, are you succeeding? Discover my top 5 makeup secrets to achieving a youthful appearance.

I had a client share, “When I turned 28 I started to see fine lines that looked more prominent when I wore liquid foundation. I also makeup secretsstarted getting dark circles under my eyes when I didn’t get enough sleep… What changes in my makeup routine should I be making as I age?”

When your beauty goals change, educate yourself on new makeup secrets techniques! It’s an investment that will help you achieve your fresh new look.

Here are 5 techniques to explore when trying to get a younger look with your makeup:

Lifted brows and longer lashes:

As we age, our eyes start to look smaller because of loose skin. With an eyebrow pencil, accentuate a higher, more dramatic arch to achieve the look of larger eyes. Eyelashes thin with age, so long, curled lashes help create a wide-eyed look.

Lip Lining:

Drooping of the mouth muscle, or depressor anguli oris muscle, creates that less-than-pleasant resting frown face. L A non-surgical option is to simply line the lips with a lift to counteract gravity’s damage. To address thinning lips, line wider than your natural lip line, which will create an illusion of full, luscious lips.

Eye Brightening/Highlighter:

Dark undereye circles tend to make the owner look old and worn… always apply concealer to brighten eyes! Highlighter should also be used when contouring; on the forehead, under your eyebrows, chin and cheeks, to simulate plump under-eyes and face.


Try using cream blush and foundation, in leu of powders. Powder tends to settle into fine lines and make wrinkles seem more large and prominent. When using liquids, use a hydrating cream and a primer before application. Finish your look with a setting spray, which will hold your makeup in place throughout the day. You can also set your makeup with a thin layer of fine, loose setting powder.

COLOR: Nude or neutral makeup may wash you out, while pops of color from blush or lipstick create a healthy and more youthful appearance.



Preventative CareWashing-your-face


Skincare Practices

Anti-aging skin care can be used as soon as 20-years-old. There are many on the market, but a great place to start is with Senegence products. Senegence has it all; from hair products, makeup and skincare remedies, to acne treatments and an advanced anti-agining line.  Encourage your man to begin a skincare routine as well!

Don’t forget to exfoliate and cleanse thoroughly every day, especially after wearing heavy makeup. Even better, treat yourself to an occasional facial!

“Exfoliate one to two times a week, to break up the keratinized protein that

accumulates on the skin, which accelerates during the colder winter months.”


                                                                                                                                                -Berenice, Berenice Electrolysis & Personal Beauty


HydrateHealthy Diet

I encourage hydration and clean eating in nearly every blog post, because the best way to look great, is to feel great on the inside! Health experts recommend the 8×8 rule, which is eight, 8-ounce liters of water per day… are you drinking enough water?




To learn more youthful makeup secrets, or master new techniques with the help of an expert, schedule a makeup lesson! Book today by emailing or inquire here for a one-on-one class with Nancy.


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