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Turn Heads at Your Next Holiday Party with These Looks

RSVP’ing to a holiday party leaves you having to think about the many facets of your stylish look for the evening. Do you have the right dress? Is your hair in need of a color touchup? What about your makeup – does your collection of partially used eyeshadow palettes and mismatched blushes work for the season? If that last point is problematic, there’s a relatively simple fix. Hire a makeup artist to put together any of the following glamorous makeup styles.

Choose one of these bold looks to turn heads and spread holiday cheer at your next holiday party.

ice queenThe Ice Queen


Look as if you stepped out of your ice castle to greet your subjects and wish them a festive good time. This bold style puts a lot of emphasis on your eyes while giving you a jawline that could cut through an ice block. Popping from the soft glow of your cheeks and nose will be the deep gold around your eyes, which will draw attention to new eyelash extensions. The rich color will make your iris stand out and give you the appearance of holiday royalty. Your lips will do best with a neutral color. Too much emphasis all over your face, and it can get out of hand.

Gold and Sparkly


There is a way to get that gold shimmer and a glamorous look without going overboard. If you like subtly, a gold and sparkly style should do the trick. For this look, you’ll want to have nice, curved eyelashes, a sparkling gold eyeshadow, and an eyeliner that extends ever so elegantly beyond the edge of your eye. With a well-defined brow, you’ll have an exotic look fit for even the most lavished holiday affairs.

A Hint of Cranberryhint of cranberry


Whether or not you love the tart little morsels that come ‘round for the holiday season, this look is one you shouldn’t pass up. Imagine a lip so bold, so deep, and so dark that it is the entire look. Sure, blushes and eyeshadows are applied as desired, but the star is the cranberry-colored lipstick. Let your lips do the talking with this dramatic festive style and stick to an eyeshadow that’s glimmery, but not too loud. To lessen the extreme of your cranberry lips, go for a golden bronze palette.

Smoke from the Fireplace


Go for something people won’t be able to take their eyes off of this holiday season. This two-part look banks on a smokey eye and a lip color that really pops. Imagine a fiery red fireplace, where your lips are the fire and your eyes are the smoke that rises from it. It’s dramatic and festive without relying on the expected shimmers and glitter of a holiday makeup style. Your eyes and lips will lead the way with this look, so you can stick with a lighter palette that helps them pop even more.

ice queenLong Lashes and a Neutral Palette

(Inspiration #23)

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of a subtle, glamorous makeup that accentuates the best parts of you. To pull this holiday look off, you’ll use a neutral palette that lets your natural tones shine. The effect of this style is in the eyes, which receive the extra-long eyelash treatment and a festive eyeshadow. Think greens or smokey blues. You could go bold with the lip color, but let’s keep it light and elegant. Instead of a deep lipstick, choose a sweet lip gloss that accentuates the natural shape of your lips.

This holiday, gift yourself a festive makeup that’s as glamorous as it is seasonal. Trust any of these makeup styles, and you’ll sport a look that’s sure to catch Santa’s attention.



  • Emily Epstein

    So love the cranberry lipstick. Where can I get that color or something with a bit of burgundy in it.

    December 8, 2019 at 8:33 pm

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