How Makeup Improves Your Disposition

How Makeup Improves Your Disposition

It’s not a myth that a little makeup goes a long way, and the slightest bit can drastically change your disposition. I’m not suggesting you get dolled up with your best makeup for a last-minute Target run or wear false eyelashes to your 6 am Pilates class. After all, as the brilliant Audrey Hepburn said, “happy girls are the prettiest girls”. Makeup, however, is a tool that will help us achieve the confidence we need to inspire and change the world.

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The last thing you want when speaking in front of a conference room of coworkers is to be self-conscious about that zit on your forehead or seem exhausted due to the puffy eyes you earned pulling that all-nighter to prep. Never underestimate how a little concealer can free your mind from haunting insecurities and allow you to focus on slaying your presentation. #whoruntheworld #girls

Live in COLOR

There are endless psychological studies supporting that color affects your mood. Color powerfully communicates, and influences reactions from others. From wall paint to advertisements, color is used to attract, and makeup is no exception.

Red signifies love and excitement, while orange exemplifies enthusiasm and attention. Warmth and energy are revealed through yellow, and brown can indicate reliability and strength. Cool colors such as blue and purple can represent a calm and relaxing tone and suggest you have a wise, pure demeanor. Suffering from a case of the Monday’s? Now you know a bright lip color or pop of blush can instill the fiery, ambitious outlook you need to prove to the world you’re ready to conquer the day! 

Change up your style

Your face is a canvas in which you can showcase your creativity and style. Who you are on the inside can be displayed by your look, and it’s fun to be different! Feeling bold and daring? Rock the smoky cat-eye! Going on a first date with a special someone? Keep a natural makeup look but add a flirty pink lipstick he can’t resist!

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Living your best life by being your best

Spending time to make yourself presentable, versus rolling out of bed for class or work, can be the jump-start you need to achieving that big promotion or standing out in an interview. Taking care of ourselves by working out, getting a new haircut or styling our clothes helps us mentally prepare for the day. Skincare and makeup practices coincide with these impactful, daily grooming rituals.

We’ve all been there: you find yourself looking like a disaster at the grocery store just to see someone you know across the fruit aisle… your first impulse is to completely avoid the encounter and scurry away! Wouldn’t it be beneficial to set yourself up to be confident? So, the next time I bump into that high school frenemy I can kill them with kindness instead of hiding intimidatingly. The truth is, no one notices your flaws the way you do. We let our shortcomings take control by making us feel insecure. If a little primping gives you self-assurance, then it’s worth the time and effort.


Bottom line: invest in yourself for yourself.

Makeup can significantly change our demeanor by giving us much-deserved confidence. It allows us to be unique and express ourselves with color. A few minutes of preparation can transform your whole disposition; dress (and prep) for success!

What could you achieve with a sudden boost of poise and certainty?

You’re stronger than you think… sometimes you just have to convince the girl in the mirror.


Nancy Gorman is a professional makeup artist, specializing in wedding makeup in the Boston and New England area. Contact Nancy for the best makeup tips and to book her for your next event!

Written by Nicole Miller

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