How much makeup is too much

I’ve been asked several times by clients, “how much makeup is too much??” Everyone hopes that if their makeup looked like a street-mime, their friends would gently suggest to lay off the foundation. However, you don’t have to wait until your best frenemy points it out… There are actually signs that may tell you it’s just too much.  Here are a few clues to consider:

Deep Lines in Your Makeuplines-on-face-makeup

OK so, I’m obviously not talking about those fine-lines you’re seeing when you’ve reached your prime at 28. I’m referring to deep, dark, wrinkle lines on your forehead or very noticeable laugh-lines that aren’t nearly as present with no makeup. If you’re adding too many layers of liquid foundation, the makeup will settle in these lines and make them more prominent… making you look older! My theory has always been that makeup should enhance you; if you’re experiencing this, the makeup is simply not achieving this goal. In summary, lighten your hand!

Solution: Step 1: Start with a thin layer of primer that will help smooth out and fill the fine-lines. Step 2: Add a layer or two of foundation, and no more! If you need more coverage, gently sweep your face with a powder. Step 3: Move on lady, you’re gorgeous!

lipstick-on-teethLipstick on Your Teeth

We’ve all been there; feeling super confident that this first date just went really well, just to see lipstick on your front tooth the moment you walk into your house at the end of the night… #fail.

However, if you’re experiencing this a lot— it’s too much!

bad contour

What was she thinking???

Solution: Try biting down on a napkin before heading out for instance. It’ll take any extra color off the middle of the lip. Or, try a lip-stay that won’t smudge: ask me about Lipsense!

Obvious Contour

This is a common mishap—although we want contouring to shape our face, harsh lines will not look natural and defeat the purpose. If you’re able to see a distinct color line between your bronzer and your foundation, try again. Blend, blend, blend!! In summary, good contour shouldn’t be noticed!

Solution: Invest in a (good) blending sponge.

makeup on phoneMakeup on your phone

Last but not least: you’re seeing a ton of oily makeup on your phone screen. However, I’m guessing it’s also taking over 15 minutes to completely cleanse your face at night. It happens to the best of us. For instance, it’s a great indicator that we are indeed wearing too much!

Solution: Use a setting spray to hold makeup down. Lighten up.

Remember, makeup shouldn’t disguise you, it should enhance you. As women we always want to be perfect, just don’t forget to be you! And with makeup (like anything else), sometimes less is more.

Go be beautiful! – Nancy Ipswich Wedding makeup artist

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