Hacks for That Perfect Dewy Look

Hacks for That Perfect Dewy Look

It’s summertime, and you’re going to get shiny whether you like it or not.  So, why not do it on your own terms?  We have some makeup tips for perfecting the dewy look that will have you shining your brightest without looking oily and sweaty.

What exactly is the dewy look?  It’s that fresh, glowing look of someone who just walked out of a sauna or the shower, or perhaps a facial.  It looks like the natural you, but you at your best.  Done the right way, it works for all skin types.

Hacks for Your Perfect Dew:

Prep Your Skin:


Dry skin isn’t going to help your face shine, so exfoliation the night before and lots of oil-free moisturizers are recommended.

Prime it Right:

When going for the dewy look, you want some shine, but in the right places.  Everywhere else should be matte, so go with a matte primer to help your makeup last longer and prevent oil.

Think Light:

You can use a lightweight foundation, but often you can get away with just a BB or CC cream, or another tinted moisturizer to even your skin tone.  Experts recommend using a slightly damp sponge or brush to blend it into your skin to help it really soak in and look natural.

Conceal It:

Even though you are going minimal, you still want to camouflage any dark circles or redness that will distract the eye.  Use a lightweight, satin concealer and apply it lightly with fingertips, just where you need it.

Get Your Blush On:

The dewy look is all about looking natural and almost wet, so use a creme or liquid blush in a very natural hue just on the apples of your cheeks. If all you have is powder blush, then look for a lipstick or creme shadow in the right shade and use that instead.

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Sunlit from Within:

The dewy look is the opposite of major contouring, but you do want to accent the high points of your face.  That also means making the lower points a tad darker.  Use a bronzer under your cheekbones, forehead, and chin to give yourself some natural color.

Time for Your Shine:

A creme or stick highlighter is best, but a lightweight powder can work as well.  The places you want to hit are your brow bone, your cheekbones, the length of your nose, and the point of the v on your top lip.  Use it lightly and blend it in well.      

The Rest of It:

To achieve the dewy look, you should only touch up your eyebrows, put on a little mascara, and top it all off with a natural tone lip gloss.

Dew Over Ewe:

If you have oilier skin, take some blotting papers or translucent powder with you. You ca blot away any oiliness throughout the day.  If you have drier skin, you might even top off your dewy look with a facial mist and keep it in your purse to refresh your makeup later in the day.

That was simple, right? Sometimes the hardest part is not using too much makeup. However, hopefully, with these makeup tips, you’ll be a pro at getting your glow.

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