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Timeless Makeup Trends to Embrace

In a world where fashion and trends seem to change on a dime, finding timeless makeup trends can be a challenge.  What looks stand the test of time?  Whether you’re planning your big day or just a yearly set of family photographs, you want your makeup to look flawless and timeless.  So, what exactly should you choose for a long-lasting beautiful look?

Below are my 6 top picks for timeless makeup no matter what your age, what the decade, or what the occasion.

A fresh-faced glow

A warm and natural glow is always in demand.  The key to looking natural, even as you shine, is to start with hydrated skin and use thin layers of face products.  If you’re partial to powder foundations, try experimenting with a BB cream or cream foundation to add a dewy glow

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Samantha Melanson Photography

in the same step as foundation.  If you choose to add a bit more sparkle for special events, choose one area to concentrate your shimmer – eyes, tops of the cheeks or the lips.  But don’t overdo it!  Natural is best.

Soft, romantic looks

The key to timeless romantic makeup is soft shades edges, a bit of sparkle, and a bit of dramatic emphasis.  Together, these three components set you up for the perfect romantic occasion – whether it’s a night out with your sweetie or a fresh summer wedding.  This timeless makeup trio will have you looking fantastic no matter who you’re with.

Natural brows

Eyebrows have been worked over in recent years.  Styles have ranged from super thin, nearly invisible brow lines, to heavily penciled and exaggerated over the top brows.  To keep your look perfect, no matter what the year, opt for your natural brow shape.  With the help of a professional or a very steady hand, gently shape your natural brows to reach their highest point above your pupil and gradually taper to a thinner line on the outer corner of your eyes.  No sweat.

Subtle cat eye

Cat eye eyeliner has popped up in just about every makeup era for decades.  Whether a dramatic shape or simply a subtle lift at the outer eye edge, the cat eye is here to stay.  It adds drama, flair, and makes you look trendy and a bit mysterious.  Haven’t tried it?  Check out this tutorial.  Practice before your big event so that you have the shape just right when you’re ready to head out.

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Natural face

Just like when it comes to a natural looking glow, you want your makeup to be as natural as possible.  The idea behind all makeup application is that you add just enough to enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up.  One of the key ways makeup starts to look cakey or fake is when too many layers of product are added.  Experiment with products so you can get the look you want with the lightest covering over your natural skin.  You’ll look glam in every light.

White eyeliner

While black eyeliner is the go-to for the top lashes, white is the choice for ringing the bottom lid.  White eyeliner makes the bottom of the eye look larger, making it pop.  It also contrasts with black bottom mascara and keeps any under eye circles from looking heavier and darker.  As an added plus, if your eyeliner tends to smudge during the day, white liner won’t look so obvious.

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