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8 Makeup Trends to Hate

Out there on the Internet, there is a lot of advice about makeup trends.  With Instagram feeds jammed with flawless selfies, YouTube suggestions with endless makeup tutorials, and endless choices in the cosmetics aisle, makeup can be incredibly confusing.

Among all the advice and trends, there are just some really bad ideas out there.  However, here’s my makeup advice – avoid these 8 unfortunate makeup trends.

instabrowsFake-looking eyebrows

Over the last several years eyebrows have run the spectrum from super tiny thin to obnoxiously wide and furry.  The reality is that most people look best with a bit of contouring on the natural eyebrows.  Rather than going with the trends, aim for something that looks tidy but is mostly your natural brow.  Better yet, visit your local spa for a professional brow waxing.


This is one of the key trends that come directly from social media.  While excessive contouring might look great in photos, especially Instagram selfies, real life is different.  Contouring adds multiple layers to your makeup, giving you a cakey and unnatural look.  Not only does over-contouring look unnatural, but it is challenging to do.  There is any number of contouring directions out there, and all of them require a careful hand and some advanced skills.  My advice?  Skip this one!

Too much highlightToo much highlight

Along with over-contouring, too much highlighting gives your skin an odd gleam.  While understated highlighting gives your face a bit of interest and glow, too much is easy to do.  Highlighting your entire face or more than just one concentrated area takes it to the extreme.  Think of makeup highlight as a bit of pixie dust for your face – a little goes a long way.  Use it sparingly!

Extreme eyelashes

Fake lashes have been a consistent trend for the last several years.  However, we’ve all seen eyelashes that are just over the top.  Spidery, excessively long, unnatural shades or shapes, or poorly glued lashes are all a huge miss.  Instead, my makeup advice is to choose a high-quality mascara coupled with strategic use of a lash curler and go.

Extreme eyelashes

Unrealistic expectations

The number one problem with all the makeup advice on the internet is that it has given a lot of women unrealistic makeup expectations.  Ripe with overly edited photos, unusual tips and techniques, and constant inundation with glamorous and flawless faces online, the Internet is a makeup minefield.  It’s easy to understand why women might feel driven to achieve these unnatural looks.  Take a glance in your mirror and remind yourself you are perfect, just as you are.


In the hopes of making complex or selfie-perfect makeup easy for everyone, lots of “makeup-by-numbers” makeup advice has popped up all over the internet.  Using this technique, applying makeup is simply a matter of filling in various spaces of your face with specific products.  Areas are designated for blush, bronzer, highlight, contouring, eyeshadow shades, etc.  However, your face is unique and individual.  What works for one face is unlikely to work exactly the same for yours.  Instead of following a specific template, experiment with different techniques and products on your face and find something that makes you look and feel your best.

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