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How to Apply Dark Makeup

Dark makeup can help you create a gorgeous evening look, but it is not easy to pull it off. When you think of a dramatic night-time makeup, it is all about dark eye shadow and bold lipstick. While it seems easy at first glance, applying dark makeup can be tricky. There is always the risk of overdoing it, and you can end up looking like a vampire or a clown. When it comes to dark makeup, it’s not always possible to be subtle. If you are not careful, dark makeup can make you look vulgar and cheap. Learn about the makeup tricks and get that flawless dramatic look for your evening party.Dark Eye Makeup

Dark Eye Makeup

For your dark eye makeup, apply a matte, light brown eye shadow to the crease of your lids. You can get a fluffy eye shadow brush to blend the color. In case you have a slightly darker skin tone, you need to choose a darker shade to get that perfect base color. You can blend your eye shadow upwards towards the brows.

Once you’ve prepared the base, you need to apply a darker shadow with a smaller brush with stiffer bristles. You need to move the bristles evenly, focusing on the crease and the adjacent area. While blending the colors, blend the darker shade towards the lash line and cover the area surrounding the crease.

Choose a black, gel eyeliner to define your eyelid. You can also use alternatives like eye black eye shadow, black kohl or a black liner to get the same effect. Apply some black shadow over your existing makeup to conclude the look. You can add little details like false lashes or mascara to add a bit of drama. Either way, get your eyebrows groomed to make the most of the look.

Dark LipstickDark Makeup

Getting those perfect dark lips can be trickier than you think. For the perfect application, you need to prepare your lips. You can use a toothbrush to exfoliate the dry skin. You can create a perfect base using a foundation. This will neutralize the natural lip color, allowing the lipstick color to stay true to its original shade.

Always line your lips with a lip pencil. This will define your lips and prevent your lipstick from bleeding onto the outer surface. As for the lipstick, the most challenging aspect is picking up the perfect shade. Find out what suits for your skin and use a brush to apply it evenly on your lips.

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