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How to Use Makeup to Look Younger or More Mature

Makeup can make you look mature or it can take away years from your age. Depending on your requirements, makeup can conceal your shortcomings to make you look more presentable to people. How to Use Makeup to Look Younger or More Mature

Makeup Tips to Look YoungerMakeup to Look Younger

Looking young is something we all aspire and, with the right makeup tricks, you can bring back your youth, reducing your age by 10 years. To look younger than your age, you can try out a variety of effective techniques. To begin with, you can apply tone cream to get the fresh face look. Wide eyebrows have proven to make you look younger while blush can make you look young and fresh. Eyelash extensions can make your eyes expressive and the right shadow can make you look elegant.

If you are trying to look younger, matte foundations are not such a great idea. They tend to conceal your natural radiance and can develop fine lines. A luminous foundation, on the other hand, can offer you the necessary coverage, helping your skin shine. For best effects, use a light-reflecting concealer to hide those dark circles. Another effective way of getting that natural radiance is by using a highlighter.  As for blush, use subtler shades like peach or light brown to create the desired effect. Older women have a tendency to lose hairs from outer edges of their brows. This is why, you need to fill your brows to make them look youthful.

Makeup to Look MatureMakeup Tricks to Look Mature

Looking young can be a terrible thing sometimes, especially if you want to come across as a professional. To assert your authority or fit into leadership positions, you need to look bold and assertive. You can use makeup to get the right appearance. Fullness or roundness of the face can make you look younger than your age. Apply makeup to create contours to add weight to your appearance. To achieve a mature look, use dark colored blush on your cheeks. You can settle for a lighter toned to highlight your cheekbones.

To make your nose appear thinner, apply the flesh tone colored blush or bronzer on both sides of your nose. You can choose a light colored cover stick to the bridge of your nose. As for your lips, use dark shades like red, brown, etc. Line your lips before applying the lip color to get a more professional finish. Shaping your eyebrows is important if you want to create a professional look. Get your eyebrows groomed to appear to create an effortless appearance.


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