How to Avoid Tan Lines on Wedding Days

How to Avoid Tan Lines on Wedding Days

How to Imagine: it’s your oh-so-dreamed-about wedding day, or you have a loved one’s elegant wedding to attend. You have on a gorgeous, fairytale-esque bridal gown or stunning, flawlessly-styled bridesmaids dress. You’re glowing; your hair and makeup are perfect, and not a thing is out of place. Until you look closer and see it…


While they may be cute, trendy, and maybe even fashionable when you just arrived back from a sexy, exotic trip to Cabo, you may bridesmaid tan lineswant to avoid them for weddings or in the resulting photos.

If you’re looking to prevent or hide tan lines, take a look at the tips below; I’ve compiled some of the most useful methods that I’ve gathered from my experience and work as a professional makeup artist and beauty consultant.

  • Stay Out of Direct Sunlight

If you’re prone to burning (or tanning) easily, avoid being in the sun for too long, at least a week before the wedding. It’ll help keep lines away, and you’ll avoid a week’s worth of sun damage!

  1. Wear Sunscreen

If you’re going to be doing yoga outdoors, playing volleyball on the beach, or even going to the local town fair – wear sunscreen! This can prevent pesky lines, while keeping your skin evenly colored and protected. Google recommends Sun Bum Moisturizing Lotion SPF 50 ($15.99), and Honest Company Mineral Sunscreen ($13.95)

wedding tan lines

  1. Go Strapless

Soaking in the sun rays in a strapless bikini, swimsuit, or clothing that won’t show lines is the best way to guarantee you’ll be naturally tan and glowing for the event. Also: remember to think accordingly if your dress will be backless!

  1. Use Tanning Lotion

This forum recommends Jergens Natural Glow, St. Tropez self tanner, or Tantalizer.

  1. Conceal via Spray Tanning

If your skin tone is a little uneven before the big day, you may want to consider spray tanning. However, I wouldn’t advise doing so on the exact day of the wedding, as the color could transfer to your dress; rather, I recommend 2-3 days prior. Spray tans are said to last for about a week, so the 2-3 days beforehand will keep you looking natural, but still like a bronzed goddess!tan lines

Finally, always remember: what’s truly important is the amazing memories you make on your wedding day, or the ways in which you contribute to the beautiful, happily-ever-after wedding of a loved one. However, by using the tips mentioned above, you can ensure that your skin is flawless – ready for any and all snapshots, scrapbooks, and social media posts. 😉

Thanks for reading, and happy tanning!

~ Nancy

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