Skincare Mistakes to Avoid Before Your Wedding | Makeup by Nancy

Skincare Mistakes to Avoid Before Your Wedding | Makeup by Nancy

What NOT to do 6 weeks prior to your big day

We all know how easy it is to casually walk into a Sephora and leave lugging hundreds of dollars of skincare products that promise to have you looking as fresh and airbrushed as a Victoria’s Secret model.

This is especially tempting during the weeks leading to the big day, when you realize you’ve managed every last detail except those fine lines forming on your forehead. BUYER BEWARE: that new regimen could produce an adverse effect if you’re within 6 weeks of your event! Check out these skincare mistakes to avoid before your wedding.

How unfortunate would it be if that “miracle lift” left you with a red, puffy face? Not exactly what you were envisioning as a little girl walking down the aisle.

You could have an allergic reaction

When trying a new regimen, it’s important to allow a few weeks to determine if you will have an allergy to one or more ingredients in the product. Sensitivities and allergies change with exposure, so your skin can always develop an irritation. You can also be allergic to organic products. Signs of an allergy include itching, burning or rash.
Your skin is just too sensitive

Some women experience dryness, peeling or redness when trying a product that’s too hash for their skin. You may not be allergic but require a lower concentration of a particular ingredient.

AHA’s such as lactic acid are great for exfoliating, but they can also cause your skin to be more vulnerable and susceptible to sunburn if not properly paired with SPF. Damage caused by this sun exposure ultimately speeds up the aging process instead of slowing it. Make sure to thoroughly read the labels before using a new product to avoid these types of risks. A sunburn will not help achieve the airy bridal look you were going for.

Another cause of inflamed skin could occur if ingredients in the new product clash with what you’ve used previously. Time is of the essence when determining if your skin will be irritated by a product.

You chose the wrong product

In the era of YouTube makeup tutorials, our skincare purchases are typically influenced by our favorite Kardashian, our BFF’s recommendation or Amazon reviews. This method doesn’t always lead to a slam dunk, in fact, there are times we simply choose the wrong products for our skin. Imagine this: your sister has a revolutionary anti-aging crème but after sampling it, your face is left cracking and raw. When all of the ingredients sound like pig Latin it’s hard to determine when one is a drying agent, which worked wonders for her oily completion but exhausted you of your much-needed natural oils. Wouldn’t want to discover this two weeks before your vows. [!!]

The truth is: Most products take time to make improvements for your skin.

Give yourself time to reap the benefits

Products that promise to “instantly” create results are generally superficial and will not be a long-term solution. According to cosmetic doctor David Jack, “If it needs to actually change the cells’ behavior, you can’t expect results within less than a few weeks.” He goes on to share that if you’re making a change on a cellular level or it alters your pH, you must wait at least 3 months to see a difference.

Additionally, most skincare lines admit that it will take this long to notice a change! So ultimately, if you’re less than six weeks out, that splurge will be in vain.

This leads to an important conclusion:

What CAN I do 6 weeks prior to the wedding??

Two words: clean eating

You’ve heard beauty comes from within, but I’m not just referring to your beautiful personality and kindness. You can never underestimate how your skin will radiate from getting plenty of vitamins, healthy fats, antioxidants and hydration! Now there’s that natural shine!

For less inflammation and break-outs, limit alcohol and greasy foods
(at least) two weeks prior to the wedding. Remember to drink LOTS of WATER!

Stress and exhaustion have a way of killing your glow. So come 10 pm, ditch the wedding planning, take a bubble bath and go to bed early! You will not only look refreshed but feel your absolute best. And your fiancé will thank you!

The “finishing touches”

Like a spray tan! And, of course… makeup, darling!

Choosing an experienced makeup artist for your special day is an investment you’ll never regret. A custom look highlighting your features will make you feel more confident and care-free on your wedding day. Choosing the right stylist on your big day will not only ensure you are your most beautiful self when it’s time to marry Prince Charming, but also provide you with the endless support and pampering you deserve. That’s a beauty solution I’ll gladly sign up for! 🙂

For recommendations on the best bridal makeup products or to book your wedding makeup artist, contact  Nancy Gorman! Nancy has been featured on many publications such as Seacoast Weddings and Wedding Wire.

Written by Nicole Miller

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