senior photo makeup

Senior Photo Makeup Artist

Senior Photo Makeup Artist

Senior Photo Makeup Artist

It’s that time of year again, it’s time for Senior Photo’s! 

I’ve done many girls senior photo makeup and a clean, fresh and natural makeup look always looks nicest in photo’s. Take these girls below, they all were unsure of what to do for makeup and trusted me to do what was best. 

I know what you as a parent is thinking right now: “My daughter is beautiful as is and doesn’t need makeup.”

I do not disagree with you! I’m sure she is beautiful, but is she “Photo ready?” Senior year is super important to your teenager.

There self esteem is sensitive, getting makeup done will help boost her ambition and feel better about herself especially if she’s having any self esteem issues.

Treat her and get rewarded with a huge smile!

Some questions I’d like to know before I do there makeup that will help guide me in the right direction!

1. Does she have any allergies of which she should be aware?

2. Does she wear makeup on a daily basis? If yes, what style and colors?

3. Does she have any particular looks in mind for the shoot?

I can’t wait to meet her and you!

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