How to choose the right makeup among the latest trends?

Do you find choosing the right makeup difficult? Several makeup mistakes are quite easy to make. All makeup trends are not for everyone. Opting for the right makeup can not only make you look good but can also make your skin feel happy. Here are some trends that you can type trends

Know your skin type

For choosing the right base makeup, you need to understand your skin type. A powder foundation will suit an oily skin whereas a tinted moisturizer will be great for dry skin. Any foundation can suit the normal type but if your skin is mixed type, you can opt for the liquid, cream or mousse foundations. If your skin is ultra-sensitive or you fail to recognize your skin type, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional. 

Right foundation shade and contouring

A foundation is not to make you fairer than your actual skin tone is. This is a mistake often made by many. The right way to choose is to apply a little amount on your neck. Neck complexion is the closest to your face. Also apply a shade lighter and darker than the one you think will match you. Contour with a shade deeper than the base foundation and map your face. For longer foreheads, tracing the temples will suit whereas, for a small forehead, a focused cheekbone can work wonders. 

maid of honor makeupThe perfect eye makeup

Not all eye makeup will match you. For example, for the winged eyeliner, you need an upturned eye shape while an even shape eyeliner will suit an almond eye. Similarly, vibrant eye-shadows will suit the darker eye tones while subtle shadows are better for lighter tones.

 Choose a suitable blush

While a pale skin is easily complemented by light pinks and peaches, a dark skin looks best in rose shades or deep oranges. If you have a medium skin tone, try out rosy pinks and darker peach blushes.

Pink Lip Colors Lip Shades

The easiest way is to go for a lip color a couple of shades darker than your natural lip shade. For pink skin tones, cherry red fits well while for olive skin tones, fire-truck red is the best. Pale skin will look good with lighter shades while dark skin will match with vibrant colors.

However, while considering the above factors, remember that the best formula is your own judgment. Indeed, the greatest trend is what looks good on you!

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