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Importance of makeup removal every night

While makeup can give you the magical look you long for, you should never ignore the damages it may cause to your skin if you do not remove it every night before going to bed. It is absolutely necessary to include a makeup removal routine in your day to day life. Healthy and happy skin can make you look best! Here are some reasons why you should remove your makeup every night:

Young woman washing faceOpen pores

When you sleep with makeup, it can mix with the dirt and oil built up throughout the day on the surface of your skin. This leads to clogged pores and in turn breakouts. Cleansing your face off the makeup you wear open up the pores to breathe at night and clears all harmful oil from the skin. 

Fresh skin

Wearing makeup at night can result in your skin becoming dull in the morning as the foundation or powder can settle into your creases and fine lines. This can even accelerate skin aging and if you apply any anti-aging cream on top of your makeup, it will be of no use. Therefore, a thorough cleansing before going to bed is a must. 

Prevents Blemishesmakeup removal

Wearing makeup during the long sleeping hours at night can cause pimples, redness, blackheads and several other types of blemishes and can bring your skin game down. For a blemish-free and well-moisturized skin, it is extremely important to include a makeup removal in your nighttime beauty routine.

The right way

Wash your hands thoroughly and then use a cotton pad to apply the makeup remover. Be gentle on your skin and clear out any residual product with a clean, soft facecloth. End the cleansing process with a toner to restore your skin’s PH balance.

makeup removal wash clothA post-cleaning schedule

Make sure you use a face wash or a face wipe after the makeup remover. Deal with your eyes delicately and cleanse the eye corners as well. Makeup removers can leave your skin dry stripping it of all-natural oils. Moisturizing your skin after makeup removal is an unavoidable step. This will hydrate your skin leaving it softer and smoother and getting rid of the redness or excess grease. This is caused by any lingering makeup remover.

From eliminating dead skin to stimulating your skin’s microcirculation, makeup removal has no parallel. This is an inevitable way to love and care for your skin so that you glow every day!

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