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Interviews with New England Wedding Vendors: Invitations and Calligraphy Part 2

This is a second part interview with wedding invitations and calligraphy. A mini-series that covers the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the wedding industry. Today’s interview answers have been given by Lynn Graham, the talented owner of Lynn Graham Designs. Also the gifted Jen Pepper at The Chatty Press.

A little about the interviewees…

Lynn offers full service and custom wedding invitations in the Back Bay of Boston. The wedding stationery she designs mirrors each couple’s special day; this includes “Save the Dates”, invitations, menus, programs, escort cards, and more. She specializes in an array of various printing methods such as letterpress, foil stamping, engraving, die cutting, and more.

Jen provides one-of-a-kind wedding invitations for couples who want unique invites, collaborating with them to design and create all the little details that make their wedding day special. She offers menus, place cards, signs, and favors.

The Pandemic Affects

I started by asking about how the pandemic has affected their businesses, and if there were any upsides to this. Lynn said, “Since most weddings have been postponed or canceled, I have lost or moved many clients over to 2021. [However] it’s amazing how much more time you have in the day when you don’t have to commute or get fully dressed:) I also finally got the chance to post more on Instagram and update my website and WeddingWire profile.” Jen responded optimistically, “I finally had time to work on a website redesign! I’ve also taken the time to work on some other creative projects I’ve been putting off.”

On the topic of customers who do have paper requests during this time, Lynn added, “Even though I still have inquiries coming in, they are pretty hard to fulfill because most of my paper providers and printers aren’t 100% open for business yet, depending on which state they are in. So, unfortunately, quotes are coming in high and turnaround is longer than typical. Not something I can control, but definitely not something a client wants to hear.”

An example of wedding invitations by Lynn Graham

Lynn Graham Designs


Regarding predictions of the pandemic’s effect on the entirety of the wedding industry, Lynn believes this. “We’ll see a surge of micro weddings for the next year or two. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for stationers, but I do fear that a scaled-down wedding might translate into a scaled-down invitation suite.” She offered a hopeful solution. “I’m hoping that micro weddings will be viewed as more intimate and special, giving couples the chance to spoil their guests with more thoughtful touches, such as a nice custom invitation suite with all the bells and whistles!”

Jen answered, “I see a lot of people, myself included, trying to pivot where they can. Offering classes, adding services, and servicing their clients in the best way they know-how. I hope everyone is able to bounce back from this and that next year’s weddings are a celebration for our clients as well as the industry. I don’t believe large gatherings are in our community’s best interest right now, but further, than that all I can say is that I hope everyone stays safe, to enjoy the year ahead.”

An example of wedding invitations by Chatty Press

The Future

For regulations and precautions, Lynn suggested this. “I think masks should be a must if you’re in an indoor space and they should be a must if you’re outside and unable to socially distance 6ft apart. Hand sanitizing stations should be put out anywhere where many people can gather.”

She added, “I think everyone will also want to see how often a venue is cleaning and how thorough they are being with their cleaning procedures. I’m not sure how they would convey this info, but I think clients will want to know what is being done to keep everyone safe.”

Lynn’s last answer makes me wonder if infographics or forms will be created by businesses to show evidence of their sanitation process, or if they will hope clients will assume that they’re being precautious and adhering to government and CDC guidelines. Either way, only time will tell.

Thank you for reading, and thank you so much to Jen and Lynn for their time and insightful answers. Stay tuned for the next interview, which will be published soon.

Stay safe! Until next time,

~ Nancy


Lynn Graham at Lynn Graham Designs

IG: @LynnGrahamDesigns



Jen Pepper at The Chatty Press

IG: @TheChattyPress


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