Interviews with Wedding Vendors

Interviews with New England Wedding Vendors: Invitations & Calligraphy Part 1

I had the privilege of interviewing two talented wedding invitations and stationery designers based in New England. They are Jennifer Halbert at Dulce Press, and Patti White at Simply Done.

Wedding invites are one of my personal favorite elements of a wedding. There’s nothing more exciting than announcing your big day in a beautiful, elegant way that you can cherish forever.

This interview is regarding the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the wedding industry, as well as personal predictions and insights.

A little about the interviewees…

Jennifer at Dulce Press designs stationery, gifts, and party decorations. She also assists with mailers, logos, and graphic design requests. Jen’s recently gotten into social media management, too.

Jennifer Halbert – Dulce Press

Patti at Simply Done is a calligrapher who creates beautiful scripts, invitation addresses, as well as card placement and signage. She works on photoshoots and has even had her work recognized on The Knot, Southern New England Weddings, New Hampshire Bride, and Wedding Chicks.

Patti White and Makeup by Nancy

The Struggle

When describing the effects of the pandemic on their businesses, Jennifer says this. “Unfortunately, since most events are canceled and or postponed, people are not ordering invitations. Current, past, and even future clients reached out and asked what they could do to help [or] what else we offered. We had so many clients order personalized stationery, phone cases, and more, it was so heartwarming and thoughtful!” I love that!

In response to a positive effect on their business during the pandemic, Patti admits, “I have yet to see an upside to the pandemic, [but] I found time for social media.” It seems digital expansion of our businesses has been a key element during these times, for sure.

Dulce Press

What the Future Holds

As for predictions and regulations, Jennifer answers, “Only time will tell if couples get the day they dreamed of and wanted.” Patti reflects, “Couples will want to get married and celebrate, so some vendors will easily transition. A lot depends on government regulations about size of gatherings and how the venues will handle it. I also see an increase in the DIY industry [too].” This is an interesting take, and I bet people are definitely more inclined to self-fueled creativity now than ever.

Wedding invitation and stationery designers truly pay unwavering attention to the details. They provide so much beauty to a couples’ big day. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to interview these lovely ladies and discuss their work; thank you both for your awesome responses. And thank you for reading!

Simply Done…

Stay safe. More interviews will be published soon

Until next time,

~ Nancy


Jennifer Halbert at Dulce Press

IG: @DulcePress



Pinterest: @DulcePress

Patti White at Simply Done

IG: @SimplyDoneForU



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