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Interviews with New England Wedding Vendors: Officiant’s Part 2

Welcome to Part II of my wedding officiant’s interview. For any new readers or those who haven’t checked in in a while, this is a mini-series I’m conducting covering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the wedding industry, specifically in Massachusetts. Keep on reading to hear what eloquent officiants Pam White at Cherished Ceremonies, Mike Egan at Heavenly Weddings, and Carol Roberts at Justice Carol had to say!

A little about the interviewees…

Pam is an officiant, as well as a wedding and planner. She’s a minister with Universal Life Memories, and works with people to create a personalized, memorable experience – from elegant to casual, intimate or grand, to elopements or even vow renewals, every ceremony with Pam represents who you are and your unique love story.

Mike is a wedding officiant, and he has been practicing various ceremonies throughout the last 16 years.

Carol is a Justice of Peace and officiant. She has officiated over 500 beautiful weddings that include her own poetry and personalization. She mattes and frames a keepsake wedding certificate to give to couples as a reminder of the most special day of their lives. (How beautiful!)

Now for the interview…

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your business? What’s been one surprising, positive result of it?

Pam: Most large events and celebrations have been postponed, or downsized. Some have opted to have something small and intimate and still get married on their original wedding date. Some of those couples may/may not have a larger celebration next year. [Personally,] time to slow down, reflect, and take in the positives. I’m very grateful that this isn’t during winter, with the shorter, darker days. I’m thankful for FaceTime and Zooms, so I can see my new grandson! I’ve been using this time to enhance my social media presence, and fine tune my offerings.

Mike: I was affected in a few ways but the biggest was rescheduling or cancelling of weddings. The one positive is I have been able to accommodate many couples who had their heart set on dates this spring or early summer with smaller but intimate weddings. I even had one wedding that went on national news, which was exciting for my couple.

Carol: Since March, all of my couples have had to postpone their most wonderful day of their lives to closer to year’s end or until 2021. During this time, new business has been very slow. Because of the pandemic, my couples and I have had many more phone calls, emails and now I have been scheduling Zoom meetings with each couple to let them know I am here for them every step of the way. It brings all of us some happiness to see each other and to know that we are all doing what we can to make their wedding day the best ever…I am very lucky because I have so many venues, couples, vendors that send potential clients my way often. I am blessed ❤

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What regulations do you think should be put into place moving forward?

Mike:  Social distancing I think we must keep as much as I don’t like it. We must be cautious, not just for ourselves but our clients and guests.

Pam:  I’m a stickler for the rules and doing what’s right. So moving forward immediately, wearing masks, washing hands and respecting people’s space with the 6′ rule. 

Carol: Everyone has their own level of caution. I am one that follows every health guideline and advisory exactly with extra caution. If everyone does everything cautiously and patiently now when we should…I am hoping our couples’ weddings will not have so many restrictions.

What do you think the effect of the pandemic will be on the wedding industry as a whole?

Carol: Every person plays a different role in a couple’s wedding […] that said, we all took a great loss and may not be able to regain it, and have to move forward with positive hope that business will pick up and continue on an upward trend. We all need to pray that there are no more setbacks.

Pam: I still see small, intimate ceremonies happening. I hope that regardless of a vaccine, in the end they know the true meaning of the reason they gathered together. Whether that’s a wedding, celebration of life, vow renewal or baby blessings, etc.

Mike: My hope is that the vendor community will be able to assist in accommodating all the weddings that will start up again. I know I have worked with many venues and vendors working out dates that will work for everyone.

Collaboration and teamwork are key during these times, and these three officiants exemplify this idea! Thank you Mike, Pam, and Carol for your responses; I’m so glad you could be a part of this series.

And thank you for reading! You can check out Pam, Mike, and Carol’s social media linked down below. More interviews will be published soon, so be sure to keep checking in.


~ Nancy


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