Interviews with Wedding Vendors

Interviews with New England Wedding Vendors – Photographers Part 1

Today’s blog is the first interview in my mini-series that highlights the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the wedding industry. Therefore, I’ve interviewed some of my fellow wedding vendors and friends, specifically in the wedding photography business.


Today’s interviews have answers provided by talented Jovani (Jo) from Bold as Love Studios, Kate from Polar Square Designs, and Kat and Aram from Kataram Studios. They are all in the New England area as well and, above all, have been gracious enough to give their opinions. Additionally insight, and feedback into their business experiences during the pandemic.

Thoughts on 2020 Weddings:

Jovani (or Jo), a wedding and elopement photographer in the greater Boston area, says: 

Jovani Rosborough – Bold as Love Studios

“[Almost all] My 2020 weddings have moved to 2021. In my opinion, I feel that the wedding industry will feel the effects of this pandemic well into 2021. Right now I only hope that things will open back up and that we can go back to serving our couples fully on their big days.“

Aram, a photographer native of over 15 years with his wife Kat, mirrors this statement; when asked of the impact on their business, he answered: “We were doing 40-50 weddings … We would do 3 homes a day usually M-F and now we may do 2 a month.”

Kate, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Rhode Island, takes an innovative approach to the future of the wedding industry. When asked about how she thinks the pandemic will affect the industry as a whole, she says: 

Kate from Polar Square Designs, Photo by Christina Kaplan

“I think the industry will trend away from these huge events to smaller, more adaptable weddings … possibly more in open air than inside hotels and other indoor venues. But it’s hard to predict the future! I am remaining as flexible and accommodating as possible with my own clients and will be there to photograph the day in whatever form it takes.”

However, when asked about the pandemic’s impact on her business, she remains optimistic, “I am 100% excited and hopeful for the future and am lucky to be able to pivot to other services I offer (graphic and web design) to make up some lost income.” I love her positivity!

Wedding Photography Camera

The Optimistic Opinions:

Opinions on the regulations to be put in place during this time were nearly identical in response. Jo says, “[I] think there should definitely be precautions on sanitation at all venues and locations. And guest count should be evaluated for sure!” Aram offers an insightful suggestion of, “Spacing for guests when sitting or in a room, and better circulation indoors.” Kate states, “I think keeping distance between guests is a reasonable expectation.”

It’s intriguing to see how photography has been so greatly impacted. Despite much of it requiring space and distance in the first place. Hopefully, things will return to normalcy soon – but it seems these individuals are definitely creative enough to work with a new normal, should it present itself! In addition, Aram added wisdom through a more optimistic statement, “People will always get married. May not be 300+ guests, but the weddings will still happen, and people will move on with their lives together.” Personally, I hope so. 

Thanks for reading! Please stay tuned soon for the next interview, Photographers Part 2. In addition, be sure to check out these awesome photographer’s social media links to view their work and connect further.

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Jovani from Bold As Love Studios

IG: @boldaslovestudio



Kate from Polar Square Designs

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Kat and Aram from Kataram Studios

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