A Bride’s Wedding Skin Prep 101

Want to look like a star on your big day? While looking for a perfect bridal hair and makeup prep, you should make preparations for a gorgeous skin as well. Here is a stepwise guide for a bride’s wedding skin prep 101:-


10 months before the wedding

Go for a specialist

Even if you don’t have any apparent skin problems, it is always advisable that you see a dermatologist achieve your dream skin goals like getting rid of wrinkles, acne or other skin issues that you may not be aware of.

Fix your skincare regimen

Consult your specialist and start following an elaborate skincare routine of cleansing, toning, moisturizing, antioxidant serum or sunscreen application. Remember that you will need at least 6 months to get the results.

Proper diet and exercise till the big day

If you want a natural inner glow on your skin on the wedding day, it’s time you start a wholesome diet with lots of vitamins, iron and protein intake to keep you healthy and fit. Don’t skip meals and avoid oily food. Regular work-out sessions are must from now on.

skin prep6 months before the wedding

Go for skin treatments

Find out whether any injectable treatment like fillers or Botox suits you. Your dermatologist can help. You can go for laser hair removal or peels to get a healthy glow by cell turnover.


Recovery products can include antioxidant serums or retinol. Make sure your last treatment ends at least before a month of the big day so that there is enough time for recovery.

1 month before the wedding

It is the most vital time for a final touch-up with every possible homemade way. Here are some that you may consider:tan-lines

Keep yourself hydrated

Whether it’s your skin or your body, keep yourself hydrated. Moisturize your skin to make it smooth and drink lots of water for a natural glow.

Avoid tanning

Avoid going out in the sun as much as you can and even if you step out, a sunscreen is a must.

Stop experimenting

It’s high time that you stop experimenting with new products. Avoid taking any chances and use patch tests if at all you need to use something new.

Sleep well

At least 8 hours of sleep is must to de-stress yourself and avoid dark-circles. Make sure you never sleep without removing your makeup.

Your wedding is the most important day in your life and looking beautiful is something you cannot miss out. Follow a proper routine and hit your day!

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