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Beauty Mistakes

This week on the blog we have a guest writer, Nicole Miller, who will share with us some common beauty mistakes to be aware of and avoid! Thanks for sharing Nicole!

Hey everyone! In this article I want to touch on some beauty blunders I’ve made in the past, in case some women reading this can benefit and learn from my mistakes! (…Why re-invent the wheel, right!?)

So, I’ll dive right in:

Over-washing your faceYoung woman washing face

When you’re breaking out, it may seem logical to continue washing your face throughout the day. However, obsessively washing your face can totally backfire. If you have oily skin, you could be removing moisture which will prompt your skin to produce even more oil! If your skin is dry, you could be depleting essential, natural oils which will cause more dryness, irritation and ultimately more breakouts (and wrinkles!!). So, wash your face morning and night, but after that just let it go. Note: avoid cleansers with alcohol which can also cause swelling and irritation.

Skipping Primer

Priming your face is key for several reasons. Primer evens out your skin tone and smooths your skin. This creates a makeup-ready environment, which helps your product last longer! You can find correcting primers that reduce redness, minimize the look of pores and create a healthy glow for your skin. I’ve also found that I use less makeup when I prime my face, so I ultimately save money too… Score!

Poor Lighting

There have been times that I did my makeup at a poorly-lit hotel room, which resulted in my makeup looking too light and washed out as soon as I went outside. Consider bright-white LED lights with 3000K halogen bulbs for your bathroom or vanity. If your lighting is too warm (yellow), it may be difficult to determine how much foundation or bronzer to use. Bright-white bulbs best simulate natural sunlight!

beauty mistakesNot blending your makeup (or not blending well)

This may go without saying, but your face coloring should also match your neck and upper-chest… Unfortunately, there have been times in the past that I didn’t quite achieve this look #fail . Don’t forget to use foundation/bronzer on your neck! Also, blending with a wedge or brush will help avoid harsh lines and obvious streaks. Which leads into my next touch-point…

Settling with cheap makeup brushes

When I finally invested in high-quality makeup brushes, I could not believe I went so many years with cheap ones. And I never looked back. Just for fun, head to Sephora or Ulta and feel the quality of their brushes. Both of these stores sell sets of brushes, and you can even buy their generic brands for savings. Mine was purchased at Nordstrom Rack for $35… and it has been life changing! Better brushes equal better blending… so don’t settle!

Well there you have it, years of mistakes that I’ve luckily overcome. What makeup tips and tricks have you learned the hard way? Sharing is caring!

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