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Interviews with New England Wedding Vendors – The Girl Bosses – HMUA

Let’s dive further into the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the wedding industry, shall we? I interviewed three girl bosses of New England: wedding makeup artists Nina Ortega at VersastylesByNina, Manda Carco at MandaMonium, LLC, and Neysa Pierre-Francois at Bridal Beauty by Neysa. 

A little about the interviewees…

Nina has been a full-time beauty freelancer for the last 5 years. VersastylesByNina is an on-site hair and makeup company that also services clients all over New England. In addition, a great friend!

Andreina Ortega – VersastylesbyNina
Photo by Classic Beauty Photography

Manda offers hair and makeup for just about any event you can dream of. She and her talented team style hair and makeup on-location for weddings, music videos, commercials, and corporate headshots. 

Manda Carco – Mandamonium
Photo by JessFoto

Neysa is a Licensed Esthetician and Cosmetologist. She owns Bridal Beauty by Neysa, for on-location hair and makeup for weddings. In addition, Beauty by Neysa, provides on-location services for hair and makeup. Neysa also offers skincare services and consultations. As well as product recommendations, and treatment plans for skincare. Along with makeup, and health and wellness. She even creates custom-blended cosmetics, ranging from lip gloss to foundation. 

Neysa Pierre-Francois – Bridal Beauty by Neysa
Photo by Tobi Makinde/ThatPhotoKid

Talk about three girl bosses! Therefore, the interviews… Shall we?

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your business? Also, what’s been one positive element about it?

Manda: It has been just about impossible to continue working. I am offering virtual lessons which has helped a bit, [and] building up our social media, connecting with so many amazing wedding vendors and other entrepreneurs in various industries. I’ve also been able to reflect on what I love so much about my career, [and] I’ve also been able to take advantage of so much virtual education through this time.

Nina: COVID-19 has affected my business tremendously as I have had to either cancel or reschedule trial runs, as well as weddings, in addition, private clients. [However], I have been able to connect more with my fellow creatives. I’ve also been able to invest in my artistry education and create some fun content on social media. This has been amazing therapy for me. As an artist continuing education and being inspired is extremely important. It is our fuel!

Girl Bosses, Andreina and Nancy – 2019

Neysa: I haven’t been able to work with clients since [a] majority of my business is bridal [but] I’ve enjoyed supporting [friends and family] in addition, witnessing their growth during and creating more meaningful connections with them.

Girl Bosses, Neysa and Nancy – 2019

How do you think the pandemic will affect the wedding industry as a whole?

Nina: I believe there will be smaller bridal parties and how many people we will be able to service. Venues will also have to lower their maximum capacity which in turn affects every single vendor.

Manda: I think at first there will be a lot of micro-weddings. I think people are going to be much more thoughtful about what they really want and what they need and don’t need.

Neysa: I do think the wedding will have lasting effects from the pandemic in both positive and negative manners. We will have an uptick in inquired for those who will be resuming their wedding planning and moving forward with new dates. On the other hand, there will be various vendors who won’t be able to see their business through to the end of this pandemic, due to prolonged periods on no income. I hope all of us in the wedding industry can come together to create a better and stronger industry standard.

What regulations do you think should be put into place?

Nina: I believe that the MA state board should regulate artistry more. It would be great to have training on proper sanitation and practices.

Neysa: I would love to see more formal education for makeup and universal precautions being taught with sanitation and business etiquette regarding legally binding contracts. It would also be great to have some regulations in place to prepare and protect ourselves and clients in the event of any future pandemic.

Manda: When it comes to makeup we have always had to be especially sanitary … I think, and hope, that clients will make sure to hire professional clean artists. Make sure your hair and makeup artists are insured, [too]. 

Love the answer about your artists being insured, Manda! Because, whether it’s during a pandemic or not, making sure your vendors are professional, safe, and sanitary is always a plus. 

Thanks for reading! In conclusion, as always, stay tuned for the next interview in this mini-series.


~ Nancy


Nina at Versastyles Beauty

IG: @VersastylesByNina

Website: Nina O. Artistry 

Manda at MandaMonium, LLC

IG: @MandaMoniumMUA


Neysa at Bridal Beauty by Neysa

IG: @BridalBeautyByNeysa

Beauty IG: @BeautyByNeysa


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